Dani Rogers

"Wish You Were Here"

Where do we stand? What is this we have going on? I'm afraid to tell you how I feel. I'm afraid that the feelings I still have for you will not be returned. If only I was granted a wish; just one. I'd wish to know what you have running through your mind. Do you think about me? Everytime I see you, my heart beats slowly then faster at the same time. I try to hide it all from you. Whenever you walk past me, it's a kick in my stomach. I pretend that I don't feel anything for you, but it's harder convincing myself that I don't. When I do feel like I want to forget us, you pull me over. "Do you hate me?" NO. "Do you despise me?" NEVER. Now, is this your way of letting me know you care? I fell for it. I'm feeling all mushy about you now. I'm pathetic. Why do you care how I feel? Me ignoring you seemed like it didnt bother you. I'm sitting here now, clutching your picture in my hand. I don't want to look at you because this picture is of the person you used to be. The person I couldn't stop thinking about. The tears are falling from my eyes as I think about all you've done to me, and how I'll ever be able to get over it. I'm given a little hope now that we say hi to eachother. But only, I wish you'd come running up behind me like you used to and tell me how much you miss me. Tell me how much you miss US being together. Tell me things will change so that I know for sure that this nightmare is over. I'm sitting in bed on this dark morning. I don't want to go to school. I can't do this anymore. I'm completely lost now that I don't fully have YOU. I wish you were here next to me. I wish you were here sleeping with me; ignoring the world around us. I wish YOU were here and not this clone of someone I hardly know.


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