Nadège Ango-Obiang

Le Tamis

Oyane, is a name very known at Fang, in the North of Gabon. It is a name which one attribute with the girls. It is the name which Mengue hardly gave to his/her little girl left her belly, before expiring, in the middle of the dense forest of Messang. The baby thus lived a few days, attached by the umbilical cord to the corpse of his/her mother in putrefaction. She survived thus of very long days. One day, it started to rain, then light crossed the sky and invades space where the child, in very bad condition, and the late mother were.

Do you want to live? Still?

A scintillating voice, as come from the sky, was spread. The baby gesticula and his spirit, much more adult, left his immature body, looking at the sky. The voice was again made hear.

Do you want to live? Still?
I was made for that, answered the spirit of the baby.
Oyane. Then, that is to say my sieve. It is the breath of my spirits which enabled you to live and to survive the putrefaction of your mother.

The spirit of the child shook the head.

I exploit time, took again the voice of the sky. I covet the catastrophes, my armies nourish tears. Hold rained us, but your desire for living well even more. That is to say our sieve. You will collect sorrows, will mix them with angers, will deposit their dust in the noble hearts. You will be very beautiful, Oyane. But never you will not sleep the night, in your hearth, this village, or in the world.

A black sieve with coppered stripes was posed close to the child.

I would nourish you, Oyane. I would nourish you germs, enthusiasms of the imprudent prayers in the nights of the incrédules. Absorb them, absorbs their evils, watches for their words. That thus tornadoes of curse are rengorgent of power!

In the North of Gabon, it is strictly interdict to make cry a child in the night.

It y' has very a long time that the sieve of Oyane is moving.


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