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Husband and His Wife Take Special Care in Naming Children

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Pastor Buford and his wife, Bertha, were determined to raise a large family for the honor and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The couple were so dedicated to this goal they took special care in the naming of their little ones.

The couple named their first child, a son, Genesis. As he held Genesis for the first time, Pastor Buford whispered, “Son, you’re just the beginning of a long line of ministers in this family.”

Genesis, who had just drifted off into dreamland, agreed with a hearty snore of contentment.

Pastor Buford and Bertha’s second child was a daughter, whom they named Exodus. “After you graduate from college, you’ll be getting married and starting a family of y our own,” Bertha smiled.

Pastor Buford and Bertha named their third child, a boy, “Leviticus.” “We’re going to lay down the law early and often to you,” promised the pastor. “We don’t want you to start life by making loads of mistakes.”

Pastor Buford and Bertha were blessed with three children in their first five years of marriage. The fourth child was a son named Matthew, who was not born until the couple had been married 10 years. “I believe God will open doors for you in the financial industry,” the pastor observed.

“So do I!,” Matthew exclaimed. “So do I!”

“We decided to leave the Old Testament for a while, so we named you after the first book of the New Testament,” Bertha grinned.

Two years later, the couple was blessed with triplets, Mark, Ruth and Esther. “The Lord is giving us blessings without number,” said Pastor Buford.

“So far, I’ve been able to count them,” replied Bertha. We have seven children. And I think we should think about whether we should have more children.”

“I think we should do more than just think about it,” Pastor Buford suggested. “We need to take the matter to the Lord in prayer.”

The couple was destined to have one more baby. When Bertha was four months pregnant, she experienced a pleasant surprise.

Bertha loved to drink hot tea, and she had just finished drinking her evening cup of tea. Suddenly, the quiet was pierced by a soft whisper.

“Hi, Mom,” whispered Revelation, their unborn daughter. “I must tell you that I enjoy our cup of hot tea each evening. Can I ask you for one small favor?”

“Sure, Sweetheart,” replied Bertha.

“Would you mind adding a couple more spoons of honey to our evening tea from now on?,” asked Revelation.  “I have a feeling I’m going to have a sweet tooth, and I won’t even have any teeth until a few months after I’m born.”

“OK,” chuckled Bertha. “And I’ve decided my nickname for you will be Honey, just because you’re so naturally sweet!”

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