Maddiie Vali



I never knew it was possible
to feel so much pain
because of so much love.

I figured I'll deal with 
the loneliness and the separation
but it's so hard.

I miss you and you miss me.
Why can't it just be simple?
Why does it have to be difficult?

Yes, I get to see you more 
Every day if we want.

But next year 
and the year after that
I'll have friends but I won't have you.

You're the one person
who brings out my good side
and aids my ambitions. 

When I am sad and alone
you're there.
Sometimes in person, sometimes on the phone.

Hearing your voice
soothes me and comforts me.
It's hard to think I won't be hearing it every day.

I know you feel the same pain
but I think 
you can cope better.

Clearly, I don't want us to 
forget each other.
But I also don't want to feel constant pain.

It's pathetic how my emotions
take over. 
I know I can't cry myself to sleep each night.

I know we need to live our lives
both separate and intertwined.
But I think I just need time.

To get used to things
To recognize the change
And to tell my heart that it's going to be okay.


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