Joseph Trance

Healing Secession

“Give me your hands.”

She moves her hands to mine and I lay my palms on top of hers.  Heat rises in the center of our touching and I get a series of impressions. The first one is an emersion.  .  I feel her insides sinking down..down..down.   It’s not depression…it ‘s like she is sinking in sand and she is thirsty for water.
  I reflect it back to her, “You’re sinking.   You ‘re thirsty… your soul is dry.”

“Yes.”  She whispers.
I wait.  Then two very strong visuals; a waterfall and a giant Lifesaver candy that surrounds her like a life preserver.

“It’s been a while since you’ve been watered,” I say.
Her body shakes and I feel the welling up in her.   I open my eyes and see tears streaming down her face.

“He wants to wet you.   He wants to save you.   He wants to water you like when you were…younger… a child.”
Her body shakes, racked with the flooding of loss and things gone by.   I reach for the tissue box on the floor and pull two out for her.   I shove them into her hands and she presses them to her eyes and blows her nose.

“Your tears are part of that..wetting.   It’s your insides crying out for the watering of his Spirit.”
I look at her and guess at her age; early to mid forties.

“How long has it been?”
“Too long,” she says and reaches for another tissue.

“Like candy?”  I ask.
“Candy…?”  she asks.
“What was your favorite as a kid?”  I ask.
She thinks a minute and closes her eyes.
“Mmm…I did have a favorite as a kid.”
Her eyes go wide.
“How did you know?”
“Him.  He told me.  He knows you.  He made you.   Your father loves you very much and He wanted to let you He’s here.  He gave me that image.  He's saying He wants to save you.
She nods her head yes.

“When I was a child about six or seven, there were times in the Summer I would be playing in my backyard and feel such a peace.  I’d close my eyes and feel Him surrounding me, holding me.”
“He wants to do that again for you.  He wants to be with you like that again.”
“When I felt Him around me as a child..I would just close my eyes and whisper…”Thank you…thank you…for loving me like you do.  I would just whisper it in the Summer breeze but I knew He would hear me.”

“He still does.  He hasn’t forgotten you.  In fact He’s been waiting for you to come back to Him.”
She breaks down again and cries out big, sorrowful sobs. 
I wait and pray in tongues, waiting for the sorrow to subside.
Finally, after many minutes it does.

“How do I do it?  How do I get back to Him?”  She asks.
“Make the time to spend with Him.  Stop like you did when you were a child and just feel Him around you.  You came here today because He called you.    Seek and you shall find.   Did you find Him?”
“Yes.”  She nods her head in agreement.  “Yes.”
That’s the first step.  Make a decision to spend the time and just talk to Him like when you were a child.  It’s that easy.  He’s waiting.  He so wants to spend time with you and with all of His children.”
“Yes,” she says.

I pray a closing prayer covering her in The Blood.  I ask for His Spirit to continue stirring in her heart and that she will see and hear Him again…like she did when she was a child.


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