Karen Halloway


   As Ken Rifkin was about to deliver the third punch to Nate Kinsey’s bloodied face, Megan Ryan came quietly up behind him.  Ken whirled around sensing someone.  He’d beat the hell out of them too for sure.   In one smooth movement, he spun around fists up, and bent his body to avoid any punches to his head and face.  He stopped just short of planting a kick to her face when he saw her.  He breathed out slowly, and smiled but then adjusted his face to serious.
 “Best get out of here, girl.”
Megan stood there wide-eyed as she looked past him to Nate’s slumped form.   She engaged the INFO APP. :  Nathaniel Kinsey ; fourteen,  single parent mom, drug runner for  Kenneth Rifkin.  Body scan indicated multiple bruises and DNA scan read they were all from one Kenneth Rifkin.   She blinked.   Her cry-app engaged and tears slowly fell down her face.  Rifkin felt a temporary guilt but quickly suppressed it.
“Git, I said.  This isn’t for you.”
Megan stood and processed.  “Shiver and stutter,”  the e-mo app instructed.
Her body shook as she pleaded..
“He…he’s de..dea…dead.”   Her little nine year old frame shook and the tears fell.
“He AINT DEAD!”  Rifkin yelled.   “Yet.”  He added and laughed. 
“Now you get before I make you. “    He took a threatening step towards her.
She backed up just enough to put give maximum strength to the wave to build.
Ken smiled.  “That’s better.  Now just keep going…go home to your momma.”
“No.”  Megan said.
“What?!    What ‘d you say?!”   Ken felt the heat rise up in his face.
“Girl, you are looking for a blood beating.  Now Get the fu..”
“That’s enough, Kenneth.”  Megan said quietly.
“Kenneth!?  Who the hell you calling Kenneth?”
“You.”  Megan answered.
She slowly put her hands to her side and the tear app turned off.  He regarded the change in her.  The tears had stopped and her body was in defender stance.  His mind raced to something he had heard.  Could she be one?  No…not her.. Not Megan …he had known her for more than a year; her and her slut momma.  She couldn’t be one of them.   He had heard about the little girls who roamed mean streets, stopping beatings and bombs and the violence in the city.  But she was so small, and he could crush her just by sitting on her with his two hundred pounds.   And that’s just what he would do.  He wasn’t going to let her stop him…no way in hell.  He beckoned her with his finger.
“Come here, lil’ girl…come to daddy.”
Megan smiled.
“Sure.”  She walked slowly to him raising her hands to be picked up.  Kenneth smiled.  No…she wasn’t one of them and he was going to beat the sheet out her and teach her a lesson.
He bent down to grab her by the waist.
That’s when he felt the wave.  It started as a small thing, and annoyance in his eyes.  Then it went to his head…a buzzing.  By the time he realized what was happening, Megan had wrapped her legs around his waist.  Ken shook his head and cleared it and felt the grip like vice of her legs.  He tried to push at her. His hands went for her face.  He would gouge out her eyes If  he had to.  But then he felt the heat of the laser light from her sockets.  His fingers burned and then melted.  He screamed and screamed.  And the last thing that he remembered before he was consumed by the fire her body had become was her words
“That’s enough, Kenneth.”


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