Saanika Amembal

Spiritual v/s spiRITUAL

Nothing like god exists Balaji said
He did not pray nor did he listen to what the others said
The idea of God is meant for cowards
There exists no one like the good shepherd

The same man helped the poor to rise
he was an angel sent by the heavens in disguise
he was an honest n true man
And did his duties sincerely during his short life span
he worked all day for the helpless and needy
And condemned all the poor,corrupt and greedy
by many people he was shunned
Because he did not worship the cosmic one

A woman named Samriddhi draped in a red dress
Is suppose to be a saint as the people address
She wears four silver and four gold rings
And preaches a few a commonly known things
She says " there is no one mightier than God"
He is the only guiding rod
She preaches in rich places like malls
Her face looking exactly like those painted dolls

The world praises Samriddhi because she believes in god
And shuns Balaji only because his thoughts are odd

But remember my dear friend
Its god's judgement that rules in the end
Remember god judges only by ones deeds
In the holy world Balaji is sure to succeed


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