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She walks forward with the wind to her face and the tears down her face. She walks with no strength. No graceful swift of hair blown up at her face. Nothing like what's shown in the movies, or what's written in books. She doesn't wear a light flowing dress of cotton, and she isn't bare footed walking towards the edge of death and beyond hell. She is real. She is what can't be imagined. Beauty isn't a factor. She doesn't have those deep green emerald eyes that can tangle someone in lush. Her nails are white and almost gone. Biting has brought blood. The blood is a new wonder to someone who doesn't leave comfort, not till now. This woman isn't a little innocent girl with a death of a family, or a beautiful damsel in distress. The event of her suicide isn't like the Boston massacre or like bleeding Kansas. It's a thing of rejoice.

She loves. She cares and holds what is true to her heart. The woman is named Maria. Short hair. No exotic colors or jet black hair to make her depressing. It's brown. Maria's bottom lip quivers making her sob loudly. Shorts and a souvenir t-shirt she got from a gas station in Milwaukee, in America. Dirt stains are imprinted in it randomly. Blue flip flops flop as she walks towards the fence. Barbed wire is entwined with the top of the fence. Warning signs of electricity are spread apart in French and German. On the other side of the fence is a man in a stripped jumpsuit. He to is walking towards the fence. He has a sad look on his thinned face. A sad smile crosses his face when he sees Maria. This man is named Ely. He walks slowly, as though it pains him to move. He stops in mid stride and coughs violently. Maria runs to him fear embedded in the lines of her face. She stops when she reaches the fence making sure not to touch it. Ely attempts to run, he reaches the fence and looks at Maria. He sighs. Light is lit in the hollow holes of his eyes.

" You're beautiful Maria." Maria looks at Ely. Tears are flowing from her eyes. She loves hearing his voice; she loves the way his lips formed the words and the deep soft melody they made. Her heart races, she wishes she could hold him once more. She remembers the plan. The plan that will make them together forever. An endless life together in the land of God. Hand-in-hand. Heart-to-heart. Forever.

" I love you." He doesn't know what to do. Ely's heart breaks in two. He wishes to kiss her soft lips that always brought him to the luxury of no fear and worry. He misses his Maria. The camp has broken many spirits, and so has the Germans. Ely cries, tears breaking lose from the ridge of his eye lids.

" I love you too Maria. We will stay together in the hands of God. No one will keep us apart. Not the Nazi's or this electric fence."

They stepped closer to the fence. Ely falls to his knees and stares at Maria.

" You are my love."

Maria wiped away the tears. She bent her head down to the fence. Ely does the same. They move their hands to the fence close together. Maria and Ely stop moving.

" Ely. I am glad I got to die with the one I love. I know now that you're safe from the abuse and neglect of this camp."

Ely smiles and nodes. " As I am as well my love." Their hands and lips meet at the same time. Their bodies shook violently, but their hands were still together. They stop moving and slump over. One side of their face is planted into the ground. Maria's and Ely's hands are black and burned. One hand though is still on the fence laced with the others hand.


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