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Shooba the flower girl was living in a hill valley.She loves her garden too.she wakes up usually at four in the morning and will start collecting flowers. There would be heavy mist in the valley usually. One day one flower asked her whether she could find any beautiful thing in the world other than flowers. She smiled but did not uttered a single word. Why do you want to sell me ? am I be that much beautiful? Shooba uttered nothing again. Do you think that you are beautiful? Why don’t you sell you instead of me? You are crossing the limits my dear flower, finally shooba replied. You are my livelihood my dear. I won`t sell you if I am rich. Do you think that by selling Nature you can become rich? Will you keep quiet for a while?if not I will pluck you today itself. After all I am going to die after two or three days how can you make me worry? Yes you are going to die after two or three days then why can`t I sell you? Do you know when will you die shooba.I am very well aware that I will be died within two three days. That question struck shooba well. She asked the flower “do you know my date of death?” If I tell you,will you try to escape from it ? Even if you tried ,can you escape from it? Are you threatening me? Shooba asked . Why can`t I? Any how , you are going to die . Why can`t you sell you to get money ? You too is beautiful like me .Sell yourself otherwise you will be vegetable .A BIG VEGETABLE . It was then Shooba thought that it is really great idea. So you think that it is really a great idea,right? By then she had finished her work . Be natural shooba, the flower told her again. On her way back to the market she was thinking what the flower had said. On the way he was called by a beautiful young man. He came to her and asked” is it for sale?” Shooba was shocked to hear that question since she was thinking of the flower episode. Yes……………………….I mean the flowers. She filled after the blank silence. That`S what I meant.Do you know me dear?He asked her flirtingly. You , No , I haven’t met you ever? But I know you . you are shooba the flower girl.You want to sell you too.Right?Can I buy? Don’t you have manners ?sell ,is it the right word you to use? Why can`t I?If you can think likethat,why can`t I? OK , tell me your prize .Shooba said determinentantly. First of all let us finish the task then only I can tell you the prize.come with me he started walking through the valley. After some time he took her and started running hard , then started flying. They were in the sky now . She started crying and asked “ who are you?” Myself Mr De………, a sales man. you can call me a middle man.


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