Mary Diana

A huge surprise

         On the night of Easter,when I was walking on the street,I felt that someone is following me.But all the time when I was turning my head to back,no one was there.I turned my head and in the second moment,I felt that someone touched me.When I turned my head back again,I couldn' t believe what I saw!It was Easter Bunny!He had two long and fluffy ears and a little pink nose.He was carrying a basket full of colourful eggs.I was so staggered because all the night I waited for Easter Bunny to come and bring me sweets.I had so many questions for him,so I dared to ask:
         ''Why did you come and why did you follow me?''
         ''I came because it is the night of Easter!My job is to bring sweets for all the children on Earth.I am like Saint Nicholas,but a little younger than him.And I came to you because I heard that you are a very special child.''
         ''Why?''I asked.''I am a normal child like everybody else.''
         ''No,you are a special one.I saw that you tried to be kinder with the people in the last period.You behaved well with your friends and with your family and this is very important.You helped the poor people and you worked hardly for school.I brought you this.I hope you will like it.''
          And in the second moment,he disappeared.I opened the packet that he gave me and I saw an emblem on which it was written:''The goodness is more important than the wealth.''
          And from that night,I learnt that you don' t have to be rich for being happy.The real happiness comes when you help the people.


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