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Although Aaliyah was just a still emerging artist in the U.S. music scene of R’n’B, she was one of the best ones till the incident of her death on 25thof August in 2001. Unfortunately she died in a plane crash on two reasons. On the one hand the small plane was too heavy to take off due to high loading and on the other hand the pilot was stewed at the time of Aaliyah´s flight back home to her family. The last thing she was doing, was produce her new video “Rock the Boat” on the Bahamas and it´s a precious result of the last time before her death. The video was directed by Hype Williams, the seemingly most expensive and talented video producer in the R’n’B scene, who made the video a piece of finest technology and everlasting history. But Aaliyah was not just a singer. She was also a pretty talented actress, dancer and part-time model for Tommy Hilfiger for example. She was aspiring to finish her role in Matrix after she was being starred already in movies like “Romeo Must Die” and “The Queen of the Condemned”. In 2001 she delivered the soundtrack to “Romeo Must Die” with the music video called “Try Again”, within she showed her dance-talent with some new styles such as elements of martial arts and charismatic moves. Overall, it was a great success as it reached No. 1 in the American charts and high ranks in other countries, too. It´s featured on the 2004`s version of her Album “Aaliyah”. After her death something very special and rare happened. Her already produced video to the song “More than A Woman” was released and seen as her legacy with a posthumous achievement as this song became No. 1 in England and in the U.S.A. The video is again a modern and artificially valuable masterpiece.  Soon there was a cut video of Aaliyah´s throughout lifetime film material that reviewed her entire career, it´s called “Don´t Know What to Tell Ya”. Aaliyah had some great connections and friendships with, for example:”Missy Elliott, Timbaland, R.Kelly, Lil`Kim, Genuwine, DMX and many more” who made a tribute song for Aaliyah which followed and is called “Miss You”. So what I wanted to say is: R.I.P. (Rest in peace)  


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