Greg Miller

Circus elephant prays for wings

Bellamy the Circus Elephant enjoyed his job traveling with a large circus.

Bellamy’s trainer, Bellami, had a very easy job. She never had to scold the big guy for not doing his best, because he always put forth his best effort during his performances.

“I’m very proud of you!,” Bellami told Bellamy after what she considered Bellamy’s most electrifying show. “You really wowed them tonight.”

Bellamy nodded to signal to Bellami that he understood what she had told him. “I couldn’t do it without your help,” he said.

“And neither of us could do it without the help of the Sovereign Lord,” Bellami said. “He gives us the energy and power to accomplish His work here on earth.”

“I have decided on one goal that I would like to accomplish while I’m alive,” said Bellamy. “I would like to become the world’s first flying elephant.”

“How in the world would you be able to do that?,” asked Bellami. “You don’t even have wings.”

“I am well aware of that fact,” said Bellamy. “I have mentioned my dream to several of my friends, and they say, ‘If God wanted you to fly, you would have been born with wings.’”

Bellamy continued, “But I believe that if the Lord wants me to fly, He can still help me to grow wings.”

“That is true,” Bellami agreed. “He is all-powerful, so He can do anything. I’ll tell you what I will do. I will pray that if it is God’s will for you to fly that you will be able to grow wings.”

“Thanks,” said Bellamy. “If we both pray every single day, I believe the Sovereign Lord will answer our prayers.”

Sure enough, within a few short weeks, Bellamy had begun growing wings. They were very tiny and looked extremely strange on his huge pachyderm body.

Bellamy was anxious to try out his new wings, so he climbed a small hill and jumped off the edge of a cliff. He was surprised when he landed on his head.

I don’t know why this happened,” said Bellamy. “You and I both prayed that God would help me to grow wings if it were His will. I don’t believe it was God’s will for me to grow wings just so I could try to fly and land on my head.”

“I don’t think so, either,” said Bellami. “But I’m pretty sure I have the answer for this little problem.”

“So what’s the answer?,” questioned Bellamy.

“You weren’t born with wings,” said Bellami, “so you didn’t automatically know how to fly when you grew your wings. I think we can chalk up this incident to lack of experience. I think you  may need to take a few flying lessons!”

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