Greg Miller

Adam and Eve converse with unborn Cain

Adam and Eve had sinned against the Sovereign Lord, who responded by removing them from the Garden of Eden..

Life was much more difficult than it had been in Eden. The work-filled days seemed much longer than they were before Adam and Eve were forced to exit the Garden.

Over the course of time, Eve became pregnant with Cain, who was to be her firstborn son. Several months before he was born, Cain decided to talk to his mom and dad.

The parents-to-be first heard Cain speak to them after one of Adam’s most grueling days. “You had a pretty rough day today, didn’t you, Dad?,” asked Cain.

“I certainly did,” responded Adam. “You know, the Sovereign Lord knew what He was talking about when He said I would eat bread by the sweat of my brow. I really didn’t know what he was talking about when He said it.”

“Life’s much harder for me, too,” observed Eve. “Eden was so comfortable and wonderful. I wish we hadn’t sinned against God, then He wouldn’t have kicked us out of the luxurious Garden.”

“It’s all my fault,” said Adam. “I knew God had told us not to eat - or even touch - the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. I should have had the good sense to obey the Sovereign Lord. Then we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

Adam continued, “I know I blamed you right after it happened, but I was just trying to shift the responsibility for my sin.”

Cain felt he was being ignored. “Mom and Dad, how about a little attention here!,” he said.

“I have a feeling that before very long I will be coming into the reality of your world, and you’ll be able to talk to me all the time, but for now I just need a few minutes of your undivided attention.”

Adam and Eve apologized to Cain for interrupting his train of thought. “We’re sorry, Son,” said Eve. “It just took us by surprise when you  began talking to us.”

“That’s okay, Mom and Dad,” said Cain. “I can understand that you were shocked to hear me speaking.”

Cain asked his parents to describe the beauty they had experienced in Eden.

“It was great,” said Eve.” I can’t imagine any place being more beautiful.”

“It was paradise all right,” agreed Adam. “God really knew what he was doing when He created everything out of nothing.”

“Is there a possibility I’ll ever get to see this marvelous place?,” inquired Cain.

“No, you’ll never be able to visit Eden, and we will never be able to return to the Garden,” said Eve.

“That’s right,” emphasized Adam.

“One of the big lessons we learned during the time we lived there is when God gives us a command, He’s not joking around about the consequences!”

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