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Robin family discusses baby bird's future

Baby Robin, Mommy Robin and Daddy Robin were discussing Baby Robin’s future in the avian world.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?,” asked Mommy Robin.

“A bird, I guess,” Baby Robin said. “I know it’s out of the question for me to become a cat or an alligator.”

“You can say that again,” said Daddy Robin. “No baby bird of mine is going to grow up to be a cat or an alligator.”

“What do you have against cats and alligators?,” asked Baby Robin.

“Not a thing, Son,” replied Daddy Robin. “But we’re birds, and baby birds don’t grow up to become cats and alligators.”

“Daddy’s right, Sweetheart,” said Mommy Robin. “We love you very much, and we want what’s best for you.”

“I appreciate that, Mom,” said Baby Robin. “But one day, I’ll have to make my own decisions, and I’ll have to live with the consequences.”

“You’re talking very responsibly,” said Mommy Robin. “I’m proud of you.”

“I’m proud of you and daddy, too,” said Baby Robin. “You do a wonderful job of singing me to sleep. And daddy brings the biggest juiciest worms back to the nest for me.”

“Thanks for the kind words” said Mommy Robin. “I can see that you’re going to be very successful when you grow up.”

“You’re the best parents any baby robin could ever have,” said Baby Robin. “I know that the Sovereign Lord is pleased when I honor and obey you.”

The next day, the Robin family ate their favorite meal: Worm casserole. Once again, they talked about Baby Robin’s future.

“This morning, I spoke with Alphonso the Baby Alligator,” said Baby Robin.

“Alphonso told me all about his life as a baby alligator, and I told him how much fun it is being a baby robin.

“This afternoon, I had a similar talk with Cecil the Baby Cat. Cecil said it was okay to be a cat, but nothing spectacular.”

Baby Robin made his parents proud when he said, “I told both of them how much I’m looking forward to growing up and being an adult robin.

“I told them that I had been telling you that I’d thought a little about growing up to be a cat or an alligator, but now I realize it’s best for me to grow up to be a robin the way God intended.

“I asked both of them if they had ever thought about growing up to be a robin.”

“What did they say?,” asked Mommy Robin.

“The cat was speechless,” said Baby Robin. “As for the alligator, after he was through laughing, he said that for him such thinking was nonsense. He said that kind of talk ‘was for the birds!.’”

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