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Pastor's mom starts breadmaking class

Pastor Marvin, who served as the minister of a small congregation, enjoyed sharing God’s Word with his church every Sunday.
“The Word of God fills us with the spiritual nourishment we need to grow closer to God,” he told his parishioners.
“God’s Word will bring strength to our souls and spirits,” he said.
Pastor Marvin’s mother, Marvina, enjoyed baking homemade bread for her family and friends.
Each bite of Marvina’s bread was filled with mouth-watering fruits and vegetables.
“My goal is to bake the healthiest bread in the world,” said Marvina. “And I think the juice from the fruits and vegetables gives the bread such a distinct and delicious flavor.”
“You make the best bread in the world,” observed Pastor Marvin. “I sure wish I could make bread like you make.”
“The Lord gave me a talent of making bread,” said Marvina.
“He also gave you a gift of teaching,” said Pastor Marvin. “So I’m sure you’d be able to teach a class on making bread.”
“Okay,” said Marvina. “But only if we can do it as a fundraiser for the church. It will be a great way to raise money for the church youth group’s annual mission trip.”
“And we can give the bread we make to the local homeless shelter,” suggested Pastor Marvin. “The homemade bread will be a rare treat for the men.”
“We can use the fellowship hall for the class,” said Pastor Marvin. “When would you like to teach the first class?”
“I think we should probably wait until after the first of the year,” said Marvina. “We’re getting close to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and people are going to be busy.”
Pastor Marvin and Marvina decided to have the classes on the first four Tuesday nights of January. Forty members of the church signed up for the classes.”
The classes were so successful that a decision was made to promote an annual baking class as a fundraiser for the church’s youth group.
A group of men from the homeless shelter loved the bread so much they were inspired to open their own bakery, and a Christian venture capital company planned to invest money in the new business.
Monty, one of the men who planned to open the new bakery, told Marvina, “Every time I take a bite of your homemade bread, it’s like a little taste of heaven.”
“I appreciate the compliment,” said Marvina. “But I don’t think my bread really compares to the bread that heaven’s ovens can bake.”
“I have to agree with you on that, Mom,” said Pastor Marvin. “I’d say the manna that God provided in the Old Testament was super delicious. And when Jesus came to earth to give His life for mankind, He was the best spiritual bread that was ever provided to the world! In fact, He gives eternal life!”
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