Greg Miller

Mouse wants to become church mouse

Charlie, the Church Mouse Extraordinare at First Cheese Church, was very happy with his job, which paid him in cheese.
He earned enough cheese each week to feed his entire family, and he had enough cheese left over to give to the homeless mouse shelter.
Charlie’s job was very easy. He kept all the floors, pews, couches and chairs very clean, and he made sure all the visiting rodents enjoyed their time at the church.
Charlie felt his job was so easy, in fact, that he boasted to all his little mouse buddies, “Being a church mouse is fun, easy and fulfilling. I would advise any mouse to consider being a church mouse as a career option. It’s a great way to honor the God who created us.”
Cinnamon, Charlie’s best mouse friend, liked what he heard. “I’m kind of tired of cutting cheese at the Local Mouse Deli,” he told Charlie. “Do you think I could work as a church mouse intern at the church for a couple of weeks? I could gain some experience, and I could learn whether I was cut out for that type of work.”
“No problem,” said Charlie. “Your pay will be one-half pound of cheese per week. Plus, if you do a good job, I’ll give you a letter of recommendation that you can give to prospective employers.”
Like Charlie, Cinnamon thought the church mouse gig was a blast. “This is great,” Cinnamon said. “When can I get my letter of recommendation?”
“I’ll have it for you tomorrow,” Charlie replied.
In the letter, Charlie spoke very highly of Cinnamon’s job performance. “Cinnamon has a very strong work ethic, and he really enjoys his job,” Charlie wrote. “He would be a fine church mouse for any church.”
Christopher, the mouse resources officer at Second Cheese Church, was very impressed with the letter of recommendation, but he wanted to know why Cinnamon quit his job as a cheese cutter after being on the job for only three months. “That’s not a very long time to work at any job,” Christopher observed.
“It just wasn’t challenging enough, Sir,” said Cinnamon. “I became bored, so I decided to  look for a job that provided a bit more adventure.”
Christopher remembered that in his younger days he also had dreamed of a job with more adventure. “Now,” he said, “I’m thankful for every slice of cheese I earn, and I just want the Lord to be pleased with my work ethic.”
“Come on, Cinnamon,” said Christopher, “What’s the real reason you wanted to change jobs?”
“There is one other reason,” Cinnamon admitted. “You see, all I did was slice cheese all day, and I got tired of being nothing but a cutup.”
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