Greg Miller

Celebrate freedom on Independence Day

Grover loved America with all his heart.
“Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to live in the U.S.A.,” said Grover, who worked as a truck driver.
Grover’s wife, Ginnie, also was very thankful for living in America. “This is the best country in the world,” she told Grover.
Ginnie was enjoying her summer break from her teaching job. Grover and Ginnie planned an Independence Day celebration at their home and invited several friends to share the occasion with them.
Two of Grover’s co-workers, Garth and Genevieve, responded to the invitation with a resounding, “We wouldn’t miss it for the world!”
Georgia, Ginnie’s best friend at work, was also quick to respond affirmatively to the invitation. “I can’t wait for this celebration,” Georgia e-mailed Ginnie. Would you like for me to bring anything?”
Ginnie replied, “If you like, you can bring a CD of your favorite Christian singer.”
The big day arrived and, after talking for a little while, everyone gathered in the kitchen for lunch.
“The hamburgers were super,” said Georgia.
“And the hotdogs were the best I’ve ever tasted,” said Genevieve. “The fresh garlic slices were the perfect added touch.”
“My favorite part of the meal was that scrumptious homemade potato salad,” grinned Garth. “I never would have thought about adding fresh beets, green beans and whole-grain bread crumbs. Nice touch!”
“Thanks for the compliments,” said Ginnie. “Now I think it’s about time for us to listen to some good Christian patriotic music.”
Ginnie, Grover and their guests walked to the den, and Ginnie inserted Georgia’s CD into the CD player. The vibrant female voice filled the room with sounds of faith in God, freedom in America and the fact that Jesus is the giver of true freedom.
After the final song was played, feelings of patriotism and faith were running high. “I’ve always been proud of America, and our time here today has re-enforced those feelings,” said Garth. “And I thank God more than ever for giving us spiritual freedom in the Lord Jesus Christ and for giving us the freedom to worship Him here in America.
“Those songs have helped me to realize more fully the need for Jesus Christ to offer himself as a sacrifice for our sin,” said Genevieve. “And we should always remember the sacrifices of those in America’s Armed Forces who fought and died to keep our country free.”
“Oh, I have one question for  you, Georgia,” said Ginnie. “I asked you to bring a CD of music by your favorite Christian singer, but the singer on the CD sounded a lot like you.”
“Well, Ginnie, it was me,” laughed Georgia. “I am my favorite singer. My mom and dad say I can sing better than anyone they know. And my parents are the best judges of music that I know!”
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