Kazeronnie Mak

The installation - - - [ LOVE ]

Engineer    : Good afternoon. Ma'am, this is the technical support section.

 Is there anything I can do for you ?


Customer   : Yeah, after I thought it over, I decide to install the --- [ LOVE ].      

                         Could you help me to do that, please ?


Engineer     : Certainly ! Are you ready for the installation now ?


Customer   : I don't know the skill, but I think I'm ready. What can I do at the first step ?


Engineer    : The first step is to go to [ MY HEART ] menu. Do you find it ?


Customer   : Yes, I find it. But, some other programs are in running.

                          Will it be alright to install the [ LOVE ] when they are on the move ?


Engineer     : Which programs are in running now ?


Customer    : Let me see. They are  - - the wounds of the past, the low self-esteem,

                          the jealousy, and the hatred in running.


Engineer     :That's alright. The [ LOVE ] will let the wounds of the past to disappear gradually in your operating system. It will possibly continue to keep inside your memory. But, it will never effect on other programs.

The components in [ LOVE ] is having the high self-respect. It will duplicate to cover the low self-esteem. However, you must shut down the jealousy and the hatred. These two programs will cause the [ LOVE ] to be unable to install smoothly. Can you shut them down ?


Customer   : I don't know how to do it. Could you tell me, please ?


Engineer    :Well, you go to the start menu to start the forgiveness and repeat this movement until the jealousy and the hatred are eliminated completely.


Customer   : I see. Great ! The [ LOVE ] starts to install automatically. Such normal ?


Engineer     :Yes, you only have the basic programs at the moment.

                        If you want  to upgrade it, you must link up to other hearts.


Customer : Oh ! I have got an error message. It says, ' The program is unable to operate on  

the exterior components.'  What should I do ?


Engineer   : It doesn't matter. It means the [ LOVE ] program must establish in your innermost for operating. Let simply to say, it signifies that you had to love yourself before you are able to love somebody else.


Customer  : Then, how should I do ?


Engineer   : Click to the self-acceptance menu, choose the following files :

self-forgiveness, understanding of the self-value,

and realization of the self-limit.


Customer  : Ah, well.


Engineer   : You copy them to the [ MY HEART ] menu now. The system will duplicate the writing for any conflict documents. Then, it will repair the error in the programs. Also, you must delete the rattling on the self-criticism from all menus. The next step is to clear the recycle bin and guarantee that it absolutely never comes back again.


Customer : Oh ! Some new files keep appearing at the [ MY HEART ] menu.


The duplication of peaceful and steady are filled up automatically in it.


Engineer   : Right, it is like this sometimes, or it needs to wait for awhile.

However, all things will appear eventually in the appropriate time.

                        Anyway, the installation of [ LOVE ] is finished and it starts to operate now.

                        I have a word for you before I hang up.

- - - THE [ LOVE ] IS A FREEWARE - - -            

Please remember to forward it to everybody.

After that, they can share it with other people.

Finally, it will come back to you like a boomerang. 


Customer  : That's  great ! I understand ! Thank you very much indeed !!!

If we human install --- the [ LOVE ] in our innermost automatically,
we will never have the hatred, regret and resentment....
We all live in a world of commonwealth.
Hope to see a better human nature on earth !!!!!!!
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