Meike Schrut

Another beginning

Figures in the history:

Sgrumie: you hear the island

RF: Friend of Madleine

Madleine: however, though his friend, feels to current Michael Adam drawn

Marianne: Michael's friend, mother of his child

Michael Adam: now in the other world, friend of Marianne, but also he felt to Madleine drawn

Pieter: Son of Michael and Marianne


If one writes, one should not think about a failure. There are people, they think about it, all the same what they do, maybe just the misfortune brings? Or do these people make fun only of themselves?


 Michael had possibly lost also every recollection of his son, but in this respect something did itself: the son was a little bit completely special. As if the small child had understood that there something had happened: every day in which it did not see his father it changed so rapidly that it looked after 14 days and also as behaved as a 14 year-old. The nurse hurried to report about that, the companions of Michael were not to be surprised any more in the situation or to excite even. This island was so mysterious, why should such a miracle not be possible on her?!

Pieter did not wander around restless on the island, he looked purposefully for a way which had to lead him to the father. Countless small and big slips of paper appeared before him, maybe they were of the riddle a solution?

When he found, finally, the origin of the slips of paper, it appeared before him, in the midst of the lake, the same lake in which one had found Marianne apparently dead. Now in the lake an immense stone statue which turned rose. A man was to be seen by one side, was young on the other side a woman, and from incomparable beauty both views. From the mouth of the woman the small slips of paper, from the mouth of the man blew the bigger ones. And Pieter took to themselves a small one and a big, the same text stood on both strangely enough, only in each case into another language, Pieter understood to his astonishment both! And thus he read:

„Only you will find your father, so searches him where the pictures are.“ Pieter showed both paper little pieces to companions of his father. RF thought long. Before they opened to return to Sgrumie which together with the nurse the child guarded, had it seemed to him really in such a way as if a board stood there, or did he only imagine now? „We go with you where the pictures should be.“

The house with the walls which gave the voices of countless minds of themselves still stood there, only the blue eyes were natural away. „We must go along here.“ Pieter seemed to know exactly where it had done his father. And he also found the board with the pictures. The pictures turned out as sketches of 6 people, a sketch had already passed through. „We lay our hands on the sketches and will see what happens.“

Pieter did not consider long and felt one, on which he a young man recognised, maybe 20 years old with long hair and a long beard. „If you find this amusing, thus.“ Marianne looked at Pieter and there this had already accepted the appearance of the man. „Apparently we can find only thus Michael.“ Marianne pronounced the name slowly, stretched him as if she cannot still understand, why the being had changed the name. Ralph seemed to her, in any case, much nicer, but also this is a view thing. They followed all Pieters example. Madleine looked chubby, but even more nicely than before, Marianne and Sgrumie could become almost envious. RF, however, laughed. He himself carried a white drunkenness beard and it did not disturb him. With this new appearance they hurried to Pieter which headed for a sign which only he saw: blue lights in the sky floated before him and a longing voice sang an uncanny song about loneliness and everlasting love.



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