Kim Kämpfer

It was the summer

Jasmine sat only on the shore of a lake and got drunk with two bottles vodka when she about it thought what more or less exactly one week ago had happened......
She could catch it nich! She became from her best friend, to at least she thought up to the time he would be violated it.
It was the last Friday as him she offered to her home spend because it was quite late and she whenever they wanted home by the wood had to go. It had been a quite warm day with a lot of sun, they were in the lake, went swimming and got drunk. It was a nice summer day, without stress, without problems, without some passed..... she thought up to the time when Lars packed them and pressed the ground.
He hit to her a few times in the face, she tried to defend herself, however, them was too weak, at least, Lars was 4 years older than they and they was only the twelveth jasmine caught in to cry, tried around himself strike, nevertheless, him away it step up everything helped nothing. Quite slowly he caught to them to violate and, besides, said over and over again a sentence:
, nevertheless, you have not believed really you can trust people!"
Jasmine wept, her tears ran to her quite slowly through the face, however, Lars only grinned at them and said immerwieder this sentence.......
Minutes passed... Nevertheless, jasmine every minute seemed like half an eternity, she had to defend herself, in the meantime, no more strength and she knew exactly them it would not create push shut him away. Therefore, she hoped only would soon be over....
Over and over again he put his tail in them, she cried before pains and he knew this then jasmine virgin had still been. Maybe he was small girls to fuck, however, maybe he got as for the rest none, it did not know jasmine and it also made no difference to her. Fact was only he violated them.....
When it was over, finally, and Lars them loose read, she ran off. She ran with tears in the face through half a town, until it was, finally, a home. She stood before her front door them should have been there, actually, already before two stood. She wiped to herself the tears from the face the door opened and went in. Their mother asked them where they now here would come without noticing the jasmine had cried. However, nothing said jasmine. She went just to her room the door concluded behind itself, sat down on her bed and wrote in her diary:
Dear diary, I look lost and I am it also! Nevertheless, I also know the reason for it I have to great fear to write down him, somebody could read it and I do not want somebody the reason knows. Therefore, I do not correspond only goes well, on the contrary it goes for me even quite shits, because of the aforesaid reason. I do not want somebody gets to know maybe sometime, however, yet not......
More did not write jasmine any more.....


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