Meike Schrut


This word me so surely
What I currently to write
Hide consciously and more and more
Just YOUR name
In my lines to
Joke and charm?
Wittily and fully charm I am called same
To me words already come
Rumbling before like stones on the way of.
And just do lie down like lead on the heart?
Is there the increase?
I try it
Audaciously and cheeky and nasty.
If one - how I it is in habit to act -
Looks for name, suitably for me
If it is up so wittily, quizzical, yes, if I
YOURS too often pushes
As if there was JUST HERE this
Uncanny soul relationship
Before I almost am afraid
Come like by chance over and over again
Look, discover anew
Feel confirmed what I think
About you.
And if looks anew, fully fear
Constantly to find parallels, nevertheless.
(only the death will finish this then?)
audaciously, how to itself what and who
Unconsciously, unintentionally
of course
in my life
“Has not shouted afterwards
Has not asked for it
And, nevertheless, it has happened.”


Remark: of a small stone pyramid dedicated and to that who lies under her buried, in Santa Maddalena (Tuscany)

A man whom I admire very much for his work is a member of the committee of the advisers., Among the rest, Santa Maddalena Stiftung is intended for authors who want to have also sometimes a retreat possibility. Interesting thing and my lines are written more or less to close the circle again a little more, imagination just in which much would be possible.



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