Joseph Trance

Health Care 2010

So I'm sick and need to get some help.  I go to Google and type in "Generational Curses," and find the advertisement for Cal Pierce's Healing Rooms.  There are rooms all over the country and I go to the SoCal directory and find one in Fallbrook.

So there I am, standing in front of this little structure that looks like a small house you'd find out in the woods.  I walk and and there is a woman sitting behind a desk.  She looks up, smiles and hands me a piece of paper.

"Write down your concerns and then fold the paper so no one can see it."  I'm thinking' magic trick, pick a card' but I do it anyway. " Someone will be right with you, just have a seat," she says.

I go to sit down but then notice asmall cork board filled with little sheets of paper with handwritten notes.  I begin to read them and see they are testamonies from people who have been healed of cancer, drug addiction, spinal injuries, blindness, deafness and a bunch of other things.  "Can this really be?"  I half-whipser to myself.

"They're all true,"  the woman behind the desk says.  I turn around and consider her face.  No joke.  Serious, calm and peaceful.  "All of them," she says and nods.

"But"  She looks at me, closes her eyes for a minute and then nods her head.  She opens her eyes and stares at me and then says,

"It's a an issue of blood," she says.  "Sounds like you need a transfusion."

"A transfusion? Here?  Now?  I can't..afford.. and I don't have the time.."

"Twenty minutes tops," she says.  "And no charge."

No charge?  Twenty minutes?  To get rid of the dreams, nightmares, habits that have been baring me from my destiny?  No way.  Can't be.

"I don't understand..."  I say.

"Don't worry, a team will be out in a minute to help you.  You'll be fine."

I sit down on the small bench and try to wrap my mind around what is about to happen.  Could this all be real..could this be true?  Could it be so.  I think of all the therapy I've been through, all the doctors, hospitals and medications I've taken to no avail.  Twenty minutes..?  No charge...?  My mind is reeling with all of it, when I hear a door open to my right and three people walk out; two men and a woman.  The team.

Here we go then. Here we go...(to be continued)



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