Andrea Regine Meixner

For Michael Joseph Jackson

You are called the King of Pop
From heaven sent to us by God
Your groove celestial and divine
Too early you ran out of time.

Your music was unprecedented
A superstar who's era ended
It seemed you came from outer space
A shooting star with shining trace
You have died in solitude
Now you're free from it for good
You do the moonwalk on a star
You seem so near and yet so far

Your light shone on Olympus bright
Against the dark it lost the fight
When they got word of your demise
The fans had teardrops in their eyes.

Living legend since you were young
Things soon for you went badly wrong
Your reputation suffered badly
Luck and courage were gone sadly.

On Neverland you were a child who flees
To merry-go-round in summer breeze
Childhood you have never known
Your life was sad and upside down

Like Peter Pan you wanted to be
Your dream world was a shiny gleam
A glorious comeback was your device
The genius finally paid with his life.

You were black and you were white
Proof for your misery day and night
The stage was your true life, where you enjoyed living
You gave much to us and you lived life for giving.

Performing on stage since you were 5,
You and your brothers, the 'Jackson Five'
You scored number one hits from early on
Singing so nice to the microphone.

In vain you've been longing for normal days,
Trapped in pain and alone in your maze.
In reality you were so frail and so haunted,
But by the media you often were taunted

You couldn't stand the pain any more,
So you took those tablets and pills galore,
Lonely, finally your vigor faded,
You planned a comeback, but you didn't make it.

On stage everything was nice make-believe
In true life despair wouldn't ever ease
Haunted by fear  ceaselessly
We'll miss you down here endlessly!

You have become a light in the skies,
For music you're called a Messiah
Tears and flowers at your grave
Tell you 'Thanks for what you gave' 

You tried to make a better world
To the Poor you gave money and comforting word
'Heal the world', 'Earth', 'Black or White'
You sang of emotion and of being kind.

'Man in the mirror', you asked the question,
how this mankind's earth could get rescued.
The Guinness Book record you established shows,
that you are the artist who donated the most.

Many millions you gave to the Wretched
Your compassion with hunger was legend,
Against aids and disease for schooling and peace
You gave the people boons and good deeds.

You gave your help to nature and animals
and to the tropical rainforest as well
'We are the world', that was your song,
And the whole world sang along.

Singer, poet, composer - a phenomenon
Best entertainer the world has ever known
Graceful, your floating dance, so effortless,
copied by many, but never your class.

Your voice itself may have a soul
It seemed it was made of the purest gold
The poetry of your dancing feet
Forever will live your rhythm beat.

Your music now plays on and on
From somewhere else you sing your song
You'll always be the King of Pop
May peace bestowed on you by God.

In case you want to make a song out of this
poem, here is a proposal for the chorus:

Michael Jackson's magic and fascination,
his music and dance have been inspiration.
Michael Jackson overcame the boundaries
We'll cherish the King of Pop in our memories.

Dedicated to the outstanding artist, world best entertainer and charitable, benign person,
                                                                                          Michael Jackson                  

Copyright by Andrea Regine Meixner





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