Jens Marquard



midnight is a dangerous hour,
an apprehension is ours
don´t get overpowered,
the DJ turns up louder,
drop it down, touch the ground,
hands up now, then just spin around,
we set the roof on fire,
the heat is getting higher,


it´s a nice vibe in here,
party people drink beer,
after drinking too much wodka,
you mustn´t jump into your car,
the conversation is very witty,
some guys drink whiskey,
the barkeepers mix the drinks,
bring the flirts into swing,
some people make jokes,
while they drink a coke,
the atmosphere is wet,
the lights are glowing red,


there are dancers fighting out their battle,

guys tryna stay on the rodeo sattle,

a group of hip hop steppers,

give the whole room the pepper,

it gets romantic with R´nB,

the sounds which are needed,

but there also plays the pop,

and some funky fresh hip hop,

and at the right clock,

it comes up some rock,

the DJ is very busy,

but he can allow faults

as the crowd is tipsy,




some girls make a strip,

all clothes off except the slip,

hip girls get dipped

money into their slip,

girls are used as baby dolls,

it´s cheap and not good at all,

consider that as a role call,

the girls must be strong and stand tall,

I believe some feel controversial,

by doing their strip materially like just a wall,

and girls you´ve to know

you must always have sorrow,




Red light in the night,

is glowing like

a warning sign,

red light means a fight

against fright,

don´t deny,

red light, danger´s in sight,

the club has a backside,


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