Shirley Ehling



Okay. Stop it. Stop slitting my heart with every word you say.

Forget it. Moi, jamais, because you hurt me although I told you weeks before to not doing that, when we kissed in the moonlight and you promised me it would never happen again.

I believed you, like I always do. The worst mistake I have ever done.

How dare you?


Never in your entire life have you felt the way I feel now. So, how could you actually understand?

I opened my heart just for you, guy. And you abused my love.

Do I really look like a puppy for playing? Without you life would be better for me -

mais je t'adores et je te détestes encore...

Let it have an end please.


I cannot go on being a slave of those pains. My body, my soul - don't you see what it's doing to me? Leave. Get out of my head! Per sempre!

Non voglio più - non posso più...questo dolore...Senza di me - vaffanculo!

I'm obsessed with anger...

So what?!


I'm going to tell you "bye, bye".

Because you won't be the one to destroy me - not anymore.

And I'm not feeling anything after all.






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