Thomas McQuitty

The Adventure... The Daffodil... The End...

There was a daffodil flower sitting on top of a crooked hill. A man, a woman and their German Shepherd. So as this family spotted this singular daffodil in the distance, they came to the conclusion they wanted to see what else was up there. The family of man, woman and dog made their way up this crooked hill. Crooked in the way mountain would be uneven, jagged and slanty. Through this trek they encountered sheep, rocks and clouds floating above their heads. Even though they wern't that high up. As they were reaching the top, the dog suddenly had burst of energy, as if it could smell something or maybe it was some other sense of sorts. It had reached the top before them. When the people reached the top what they saw was totally and utterly unforgetable. It was a Utopia. They walked up to the daffodil and turned, turned and turned around, realising that the daffodil was the center of it all. They saw the dog already there drinking at one of the many waterfalls that surrounded them. The freshest air they had ever breathed. So fresh that they fely instantaneously replished from their fourty five minute or so travel. All around them were trees arched over that all led to the centre of the daffodil. Not a man a made arch, just a kind of super nature. Grass greener that any atro turf you would have ever seen or even imagined. The woman check her digital watch, but it had stopped working, frozen. The man checked his analogue watch and sure enough it too had frozen. The couple looked at their dog it had on its face a smile or maybe it was a grin. So as the couple thought to themselves what, who, where and when was this paradise beyond belief made. They looked down at their feet and came to the conclusion it was all because of this daffodil. Next thing you know the dog runs out of no where, pulls the daffodil out by the roots with its teeth. Runs like the wind. Flies like a bird and sets of into the sky. As you may have guessed the Utopia did not stay with the couple. Their watches retur! ned to n ormal as did time. Reality crashed hard upon them at what had just happened. They both stared deep into each others eyes and said meh. The End.


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