Robin Carretti

All Eyes C Lips

All Eyes C Lips αℓℓ єуєѕ ¢ ℓιρѕ Robin Carretti

World and I met empty Flowers
Our vision’s get caught one person’s sight
What do we really C 2 faces in the
dead of night?
Not a sound of nature speaking 
αℓℓ єуєѕ ¢ ℓιρѕ
Like two hearts underworld sinking
Things change over the top lips C 2 smile 
Summer afternoon rainbow eyes ice cream
Dream another dream it’s in our nature
Love is in the air hands to capture
Eyes melt & he spoons serendipity 
Springtime lips flower show city 
We have visions sometimes through our eyes
There not expressed to understand
Someone is beside you lending his hand
He extends it your eyes address him 
something of importance?To love him
“Everything Eyes” we need resistance
Eye & Lips Both
Do we C the truth field of dreams Babe Ruth?
Let’s be thankful for what we have
We must show concern to give
Family blessed Statue of Liberty brave
Birds sing dance tribal
Fresh diamond- cut eyes global 
Hands miraculous don’t give up
Falling 4 eyes or lips he carried you C way up? 
Ears ring nature setting what a wedding
The ballerina dance swift recovery
Wings of heaven love discovery 
Lover’s vision magical entity 
Kissing those lips his eyes of purity
Change of scenery world of a difference.
Liberty of freedom our deliverance 
Re-birth visions love doves in flocks
Home modern lips harmony knocks
On wood, you say I do He’s all mine
Love Eyes coupled felt genuine real
Peacock wedding showstopper tail
Completely Divine eyes and lips all mine

In the eyes of the beholder. Crystal eye love of energy


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