Arun Kurkute


Almost it is begin   of february. Spring season have begun. This time in air heat is mor. Since in india election for few states and local bodiesMaharashtra state  have been announced.
Last night I was feeling heat in air. And was unease. Suddenly I heard mysterious voice. Saying to  me, Friend! come with  me .I’ll take you to the heaven.
I happened to screamed loudly, to heaven! Thanks to almighty.  No one rang my door/bell.
Around my circle I am known as darer person. Let me confess secretly in frunt of you. That, I was fifty fifty scared and darer. Who wants to die voluntarily. Yet I bravely exclaimed, why not!
Few moments I lost my consciousness. But when I was awaken. Superb! Simply superb! I am now in heaven. Feeling so pleasant. Flowery smell is pleasing nostril’s buds. Purify airconditioner serving effectively and yieldingly. Even though all doors and windows are widely opened. Illuminating lamps creating festivity to the eyes.
Feels serene and pristine?  Mysterious voice said, to me. Affirmatively I shook my head. Bankruptcy of words to express, how I was feeling being in heaven.
Mysterious voice said  to me, friend, come I’ll show you lies/meters of your earth people. A something which I unheard about equipment. Quest for knowledge I happily started following mysterious voice. Memory cell in my brain got activated to record this funda.
A huge quadrangle where I was standing. There were digitize multi purposed devise. Varies according its use. but common use is to mesure lies of an individual.
I visited to Indian people’s archive. Saintly person lies/meters were hardly move. Social/reformers, those sacrifised their lifefor country or humanity. Also same. But traders legal professionals their lies/meters big as big table fan. Got extra use to circulate air in that surrounding place.
Going to all this I didn’t find political leaders lies/meters. I enquired about it.
Mysterious voice started asking questions too me. Have you enjoying powerful airconditioner  even open doors and windows?
I said, yes. Illuminating lamps makes you happy?
Again I said, yes.
Exactly. Misterious voice said.
I asked, do you mean… the political leaderr’s lies/meters are used as power generator  units?  Mysterious voice laughed loudly, and said, well done my brainy friend! ‘Its Election time.’
Instead of listening claps  in background. I heard morning alarm, Telling me its 5:o’clock A.M.


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