Karen Halloway

Evaluation: R. Reindeer

Initial Evaluation of:  Rudolph Reindeer

Born: 1806
Place of Birth:  North
Name at Birth:  Randy , Birth Defects:  Glowing Red Nose
Parents:  Rita and Richard Reindeer (Divorced 1809)

Initial evaluations indicate that the glowing red nose is a birth defect officially known as Probiscus Red-onerous.  Etiology has been substantiated to be ingestion of red Christmas Bulbs by mother while in labor. Mother suffers bouts of depression and blames herself for his condition.    Father left the family when Rudolph was three indicating that the glowing red nose constantly kept him awake, and that lack of sleep made him tired, irrtiable and often angry.  During the divorce proceedings dad was heard to say, " With his nose so bright, I can't get sleep at night."  Judge said he understood and grated the divorce...no contest from mom.
   During his elementary years, R. mostly stayed by himself.  He was socially isolated in grade school, and teachers report that most other reindeer were always making jokes about his bulb-ous nose, and would call him names like:  Rudy Red, Rude Red-nose, or simply "Red."
    Those deer who did associate with him said they found a certain attraction to the red nose, and felt he had leadership qualities  Rudolph also showed early above-average physicial abilities such as jumping higher than his peers, and running... very, very fast.  "boy, can red-nose run.." Some said they felt he could even fly.  He also had telescope and night vision and could see even during the worst of snow storms.  "The Red-nosed kid definitely has some abilities,"  his gym coaches were heard to say.  "That nose of his has it's good and bad aspects..it really depends how you look at it." 
    His mother, Rita, often said of her son," what he needs is for someone to look beyond his nose and see what my boy is really capable of. "I believe in him,' she often said during his IED's (individulaized educational deer conferences.)    All he needs is an opportunity to prove himself and then he'll show them all what he can do.  Who ever gives him the chance will have to be kind...very kind...and have a great sense of humor to the point of being..jolly.  .Isn't there anyone...anyone at all like that? Just give my boy a chance..all he needs is a chance."



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