Marina Mura

Big Eyes, Big Lies

Big Eyes, Big Lies      or         Sticky on the Inside

Little girl, big curls
Big heart, young but smart
Small hole, your goal
Won’t fit, you little shit
Turn her over, crimson in clover
Spread her wide, bury deep inside
Slap her hard, break her heart
Torture her soul, rip the (w)hole
Dig deep, make her weep
Big eyes, big cries
Big lies, dead inside

Cover her mouth, smother those shouts
Whisper in her ears, nobody can hear
Make her your wife, take her life
She’s only a child, meek and mild
Give her pain, for your gain
Does it go against your very grain?
Why do you do it again and again?

Little girl, big curls
Eyes of green, silent screams
Daddy don’t, I won’t, I won’t!
Dare to defy, Mummy will die
Play on her fears, see her tears
Time again tonight, don’t fight
Big cock, big shock
Small mouth, ram it south
Make her scream, split her seams / ’til you cream
Make her choke, on your joke
Fill her with salt, this sticky assault

Cover her mouth, smother those shouts
Thrust in her (tiny) throat, you old goat
Sticky and salty, swallow the bounty
Lather her up, fill up her cup
Rip her a new one, ‘cause you wanna do one
Innocence to take, her body to break
Spoil her at five, ruin her life

This little girl, now a big girl
Battered and broken, from words unspoken
Giving it up, this life so tough
No fight left, totally bereft
Bury the pain, and all the shame
Cover the bruises, from being a loser
(Harder to find, a rhyme this time)
It wasn’t your fault, all the assaults
He stole it from you, broke all taboos
These monsters of men, in their Daddies den
Screwed your soul, broke your bones
And left you for dead, in your own home
(Again and again, these monsters of men)

Cover my mouth, try to stop those shouts
Rip out my heart, all black and tarred
Show me my shame, sown in pain
Reap the pleasure, of my treasure
Give me those pills, against my ills
Sail me away, from this life astray
I close my eyes, and pray to die

Little girl, big bad world
Eyes of pain, can’t take the stain
Swallowed the pills, as God wills
Crying inside, ‘cause you didn’t die
Big big heart, all torn apart
Broken and battered, soul in tatters
Dark and dirty, needy and flirty
Full of hurt, lift up my skirt
Fill me up, my empty cup
Give me pain, for my gain
Definitely twisted, this little sister
Daddies little girl, pull on those curls

Cover my mouth, smother those shouts
Make me groan, reminds me of home
Daddies girl, makes me wanna hurl
Try to forget, full of regret
(For revenge untaken, mistakes we make ‘em)
Knives not thrust, in his gut
Punches not thrown, when fully grown
You’re all alone, forever on your own

And always sticky on the inside



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