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Media Ministries Join Forces to Start New TV Outreach

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The newspaper carrier took careful aim and confidently tossed the paper on the porch. Newspaper Reader opened his front door and retrieved his daily paper. He thumbed through the paper to the daily devotional, written by a local minister.



The radio station was very popular among the community’s residents. Hour after hour, day after day, the station broadcast a variety of Christian music and messages by area pastors. Listeners were encouraged to receive Christ into their hearts and pray for their needs to be met.



The monthly magazine offered another opportunity for the community to hear the gospel message. Fictional stories, true tales of courage and love stories also were included in the publication.



Tom was one of the newspaper’s subscribers, and he especially enjoyed reading the minister’s column. Tom wrote a letter to the minister, thanking the clergyman for allowing the Lord to use his writing ability to bless the lives of others.



“Your columns always bring a smile to my face,” Tom wrote.



Teresa was among the radio station’s regular listeners. The Christian Christmas music was her favorite part of the station’s programming. She listened to the station’s music while she worked around the house.



Tad was one of the magazine’s most faithful readers, as well as one of its contributing writers. He wrote a regular poetry column, sharing his own poems, as well as those of other poets.



Tad, Teresa and Tom were only a few of those receiving ministry from the radio station, newspaper and magazine, which blessed thousands of citizens throughout the community.



Magazine, Newspaper and Radio Station did not achieve anything with their own strength. The Holy Spirit provided the ability, power and grace for all efforts attempted by the various media.



Magazine ran an article encouraging readers to do good works for other people. Newspaper published a story about someone who set a goal of achieving 1,000 good works over a three-year period. Radio Station News Anchor aired a 10-part series featuring Christians who had performed good deeds within the community.



Newspaper, Radio Station and Magazine all felt the Lord wanted them to work together in an expanded ministry: a new international television station.



God opened the necessary doors and, within a year, the new TV ministry became a reality, blessing the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. The new ministry saw many great results. Viewers wrote with testimonies of restored marriages, physical healings, financial blessings, as well as many other testimonies of divine favor. Many people came to Christ for salvation as a result of the ministry.



One writer, Tammie, summed it up: “I know God is still performing miracles because I have asked Jesus to forgive my sins and come into my heart, and salvation is Christ is the greatest miracle in the world!”




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