Johanna Döttelmayer

What it takes for you dreams to come true [Part 1 - Escapism]


This is one of the first lyrics I've ever written, so please don't be too harsh. This and the following lyrics tell basically a little story, it's called "Escapism", as you can read on the headline. 

The story's about a middle-aged man, who becomes a criminal, mostly based on fake friends and difficult circumstances. One day, he meets a woman, he falls in love with her at first-sight. Although she doesn't support robbery and murder, she can't afford to live without his arguable earnings. But then he gets into big trouble...



When I joined this unbalanced place

He always told me, if I just hold my hopes high

Everything will turn out to be alright one day 



Without a final security, I joined this broken men

Raising dust and blood will run cold, I fell in disgrace then

Still I was confused, but believed in my faith

I will do whatever I can




So sorry mom, I took the wrong way

But it fits so well, it does

My hands are shaped, like they’re made to betray

And all these feelings are so soft



Like every dimel novel begins, they didn’t give me a sign

I felt that these streets were doing their job, well, while I was doing mine

Probably I should have stopped, and let them go, but (haha) the wages were high

And for this girl I had met, and her unstable life

At least I had to give it one try! 




So sorry dad, I took the wrong way

But it fits so well, it does

My hands are shaped, like they’re made to betray

And all these feelings are so soft


Remember when you said (when you said)
I will have
 my way (guess what)
I have my way (I have it)
and everything will be ok




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