Greg Miller

Seasonal Changes for Blades of Grass

© 2013

Greenie and Greenee were among the thousands of the blades of grass which had been resurrected the previous spring.

The blades of grass, aided by the sun’s warm rays and the gentle and steady rains grew with unusual speed. “I feel vibrant and alive again,” said Greenee.

“And I have a new lease on life, too,” said Greenie.

Within a couple of weeks after Greenie and Greenee had been resurrected from their long winter’s sleep, the time arrived for the new season’s first mowing. The Master of Mowing retrieved his trusty riding mower from the garage and hopped into the driver’s seat.

“Good morning Mr. Mower,” grinned an excited Master of Mowing. I hope you are well rested after your winter of inactivity.”

“I’m doing very well, thank you,” said Mr. Mower. “But I’m not like the bears, which hibernate during the winter. I’ve been chomping at the bit all winter long, just waiting to give those blades of grass their first spring haircut.”

The Master of Mowing and Mr. Mower worked their way around the lawn, giving each section of the relatively high grass a trim as precise as any professional barber would to any client sitting in his or her barber shop.

Summer arrived and moved quickly along, with Mr. Mower and the Master of Mowing going on many regular rides, producing beautiful lawns one after the other.

Greenee and Greenie and the other blades of grass enjoyed receiving their trims. They also liked to feel the refreshing summer rains, which revived their spirits.

As late summer was transformed into early autumn, Greenee and Greenie began dreading the day when they would experience their final trim of the year.  “When I’m cut for the last time, it seems like forever before I am resurrected the following spring,” said Greenee.

“I know,” said Greenie. “But then I think of the following spring when I am resurrected for a whole new cycle of .life. It is so wonderful. It’s super to see the first robins arrive once again and feel the caress of their bills against me as they begin digging for the ingredients for their earthworm casseroles.”

“We certainly live a great life, thanks to God,” said Greenee. “I would only change one thing. It would be even better if the Master of Mowing would invent a lawn mower that would give each of us blades of grass a choice as to how short we want to be trimmed!”

“I see what you mean,” grinned Greenie. “However, I can also see how such technology might give the Master of Mowing a major problem. It might make him want to pull out all of his hair!”

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