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A Message to Christians

The Holy Spirit is urging me to pray for your ministry right now.   If you are a true believer you have a ministry; whether it is to your family, coworkers, your neighborhood, one person or a congregation of thousands.   It’s just about 3:30 am on the 22nd of September, 2013.  I’m thinking about you and your heart for God.  He is telling me to share this with you.  I pray it blesses you.
More glory; that you see the Glory of God more.  That His glory overtake you and breaks through your fleshly ways more than ever before.  That anything of you that is not of Him be taken out, cleansed, and that you become that true and pure vessel for His service.  He gave me the phrase “Micro-fiber cleansing.”  That this is a time where you experience a cleansing so deep, so complete that you are cleansed like a carpet down to its micro fibers. That your thoughts, desires, the breath you breathe, the blood that pulses through your veins be so clean, that there is nothing left of YOU, and that you are truly that open and pure vessel used for His Glory.  That He give you MORE dreams and visions even while you sleep, so that even your unconscious mind be used for Him.  That you become such a tool for His service that the movement of your breathing and the pulsing of your Blood through your body becomes a LIFE force of intercession, so that His will may be done throughout the earth.  I see the breath that you breathe during sleep and the pulse, the movement of your blood through your body while you sleep, become forces which carry His will throughout the earth; they in effect become carrier waves of His Will.  That you become such a Holy place for His Spirit that you serve Him unconsciously…that’s how deep your Love for Him becomes.  That He give you more thoughts, strategies, plans, tools, unique and creative ways to accomplish what He has for you to do.  That your mind truly becomes more like the mind of Jesus, His son, and be consumed with the thoughts feelings and purposes of His Heart.
   That you Trust Him enough to be able with Wisdom and discernment to assign to other people things that need to be delegated.  That you TRUST the people He will send you to do what He has called them to do, and that you can let go with confidence and a freedom of knowing all is well as you hand over responsibilities to those who have been sent to support you.
  More resources:   That More people come to your ministry that are willing and able to serve Him through your vision.  That He call people by the unction of the Holy Spirit to give their time, talents and abilities to manifest the plans that you have for Hs Glory and fulfill the destiny of the desires that He has placed in your heart.   And that the people who come are only those He has called to your certain brook because their hearts are aligned with the vision and calling He has given you. That PROVISION for the work He has designed for you to do be more than enough for all your ministry needs.  That He sends people whose hearts worship Him.  And through their songs, music and prayers of Praise, a carpet is laid out so He may inhabit those praises.  That He send to your ministry people who are ready to sow financial seed into your work and that seed bear fruit 1000 fold.  That people come from the North, South, East and West whose hearts are ready, willing and able to take up the Vision and work that He has give you, and like those who held up the arms of Moses, will hold up your arms.
That He send you intercessors who will pray for you and your ministry consistently.  That those who are called to pray through the night be assigned to help you.  That those who have the gift of tongues and interpretation of tongues will be praying day and night for the success of your ministry.  That He open up doors and set up connections for you to other ministries who share the vision He has given you.  And that divine appointments be set up for you to come together with like- minded brothers and sisters. 
NOW is the Time for a shift to a higher level.  He is setting up your ministry to expand and explode exponentially and become a place where His Glory will be seen.  He has me praying for you right now.  My heart is set on fire  to pray for these things He has given me for you.  May His Blessings be upon you, His Glory come through you, and May His Plans be accomplished through the work of your hands.



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