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Garden of Eden Teems With Animals


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Adam and Eve had plenty of company in the Garden of Eden.




The animal kingdom was filled with a wide variety of creatures, including dinosaurs, elephants, cows, horse, dogs, bears, lions, tigers, etc.



Each species was created with its own productivity and functionality. Adam, along with his suitable helper, Eve, had been given dominion over the earth that the Lord had created. All the creatures were in their proper places, and all knew their roles.



All living things realized their purpose was to glorify their Creator. Harmony was everywhere.



Two dinosaurs, Earnestine, and her mate, Ernie, were among Adam’s closest animal friends. Eve’s best animal buddies were Emmitt and Emma, a popular skunk couple.



Adam and Eve’s favorite time of each 24-hour period was the “cool of the day.”



“I enjoy walking together with you as we talk with the Creator,” Eve told Adam. “It’s the bright spot of my day.”



“Mine, too, Sweetheart,” said Adam. “His love and your love keep me going.”



Adam and Eve could sense when their special time with God was approaching, when they automatically began gearing down their other activities and headed toward their meeting with God.



The couple always walked rapidly toward the spot God had chosen for their meeting. They regularly passed many animals headed in the same general direction.



“I wonder if any of the animals have their own special spot where they meet with God,” Eve mused.



“I don’t know,” replied Adam, “but I think it is entirely possible.”



As God’s designated ruler over the earth, Adam realized members of the animal kingdom, like him and Eve, had their own personalities and life patterns. He also recognized his position as world ruler.



Adam noticed the vast amount of land the dinosaurs required for life. He also was aware of the slow pace of the snail and the poetic motions of the hummingbird’s wings.



Adam loved to communicate. He enjoyed talking to and listening to the heavenly father, to his wife, and to all of the creatures in Paradise.



One day, Adam was talking to his lion friends, Mitch and Mary. “Don’t you ever feel overworked and stressed out?,” Mitch asked.



“Not at all,” stated Adam. “All I know is that the good Lord programmed my spirit, soul and body to be able to do the work He called me to do. And it’s loads of fun.”



“I was just wondering,” said Mitch. “If you ever think you need a little help, I’ll be glad to offer my services to you.”



“That won’t be necessary,” Adam remarked. “There may come a time when there will be something called a jungle over which you will be king, but for now, all of us are in the Garden of Eden, and the Sovereign Lord has placed me in charge of everything!”



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