Marc Backhaus

Game of Words

Ingrid & Jens read the ingredients
to the paste in their toothpaste
while the bookish elf on the bookshelf
reads of sly taste in slight haste.

Stick it, ape, with sticky tape!
onto the tidy sofa until the tide is over
until the wart I'm having during war time
sees that the pen's ill from the pencil.
Until the tea's lime produces tea slime,
until the letter will finally let her.

But which is the witches'?
Don't be all testy & moany with your testimony
go for a rest in the forest
if the Miss is a hippie from Mississippi
she won't mind or undermine, duh!

If it was a shock let her have chocolate.
Why are too many birds trapped in wire?
Therefore they're for good and in a
certain way trapped by Sir Tain.
And if Rita would read her books
then she'd realize with real eyes the real lies
and that my car is ma precious with plenty of charisma.
At a concert a con certainly isn't welcome
and he may well come disguised
and not be very forthcoming for the coming of age
Just like the serial cereal eater is quite surreal.

So forgive the sofa that Soph acquired
for spoiling Jean's jeans, even boiling won't do.
Which was exactly what the herd heard.
Bear in mind that it's more than a bear can bear in despair.

Mind that your mind isn't mined
and have some proper tea on your property.
When at someone's table, keep your stable stable
and let the fly fly fly fly fly fly practice.

Is there any popped art in a Pop Tart?
Well, the week's been weak and we collide
as I sat today on Saturday
Few'll know what to do with fuel
Oh's Iris! Not Osiris
Fo'sho you want fish or chicken,
she can decide herself.
I scream when I see ice cream
but I don't whine about wine.

Aren't aunt and niece born with troublesome knees?
No, I know, and my nose knows no's the answer.
On Wednesday, when's day?
Oh, I don't wanna die per diaper.

And I can't explain the eggs, plain as they are
give Pete a pan, said Peter Pan
but the soldier sold Jerome just like that
was it Janet or the janitor?

Alistair on the stair is tearing my love apart
You know the goalie missed the goal, he did. Golly gosh!
After the coffee a cough he had.
Had he only checked the climate before he began to climb it.

And what can we conclude?
Sir, premium food is quite supreme, yum yum yum!!!


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