Greg Miller

Bears Dream About and Discuss Violence in the Human Family



By Greg Miller

© 2013




Two bears, Bernice and Benji, had just finished a pre-hibernation snack of berries and small rodents


Before they drifted off into dreamland, Bernice and Benji conversed in bear language about various topics: Their love for each other, how fortunate they were to be bears and all the blessings given to them by God the Creator.



“Sweetheart, do you remember the day about a year ago when we overheard the conversation between the two ministers who were talking about the Last Days?,” inquired Benji. “They were talking about how violently men and women treat each other. People are killing each other for no reason at all, and they admit to doing it just for fun.”



“Yes, Dear, I remember,” Bernice recalled. “They said it’s not going to be long before Jesus takes the Christians to heaven. And they were talking about how badly men are always treating each other.



“I realize there is what might be considered violence in the animal kingdom, but most or all of that is because we must kill other animals in order to survive. In the case of violence among members of the human family, there appears to be no logical explanation for it.”



“You’re so observant,” said Benji. “It does seem to be violence for just pure pleasure or violence for the sake of violence itself.”



As tended to be the case, when the bears dreamed they dreamed about the topic of their conversations with each other. In this particular dream, Bernice dreamed that she and Benji never argued. The dream was an accurate portrayal of the bears’ relationship with each other, because in real life they rarely disagreed about anything.



Benji dreamed about the violence among members of the human family. He dreamed that many times the humans behaved very little like they had been created in the image of God. When the bears awoke, they discussed their dreams.



“In my dream, we were in a totally happy and joyful state,” said Bernice. “It was a great dream, because we don’t fight in real life.”



“I dreamed about the violence, disagreements and misunderstandings among those in the human family,” said Benji. “In fact, I would call my dream a nightmare.”



“You know a dream I would never want to have?,” asked Bernice. “I would never want to dream I were a human being!”



“I totally agree,” laughed Benji. “If I were to dream I were human, it would almost be unbearable!”



“You’re so right!,” chuckled Bernice. “You are so right!”



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