Greg Miller

Church Mouse and Congregation All Love Cheese

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Claude the church mouse was very dedicated to his career, which he considered a ministry to the Sovereign Lord.
Claude took great pleasure in patrolling the classrooms, sanctuary, fellowship hall, and bathrooms. One day, Claude and the church’s minister, Pastor Chad, met in the fellowship hall. Pastor Chad had walked from his office to get a cup of coffee. “Pastor Chad,” said Claude, “I just want you to know I appreciate the job you do as the congregation’s minister. You’re a great role model.”
“I like you a lot, too,” said Pastor Chad. “You are the best church mouse in the entire world.”
“Well,” mused Claude, “It’s like this. I believe I am fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. I figure the jobs of pastor and church mouse are among the most important ministries to which a living creature can be called.”
“You and I are fortunate, all right,” agreed Pastor Chad. “Some folks go all the way through life and don’t even have the slightest idea of God’s plan for their lives.”
“You know, Pastor, you and I have a good time talking to each other, and we are pretty good friends,” said Claude. “But many of the people in the church and many of those in the mouse family still don’t get along too well.”
“Maybe there’s something we can do to remedy that situation,” said Pastor Chad. “Why don’t you and I host a special class to teach all the church members all about mice and teach everyone in the mouse family about humans?”
“That’s a wonderful idea,” Claude acknowledged. “It will be a great opportunity for all of us to expand our horizons.”
“True,” said Pastor Chad. “For one thing, I don’t believe many members of our congregation really understand the ministry you mice provide as custodians of God’s house.”
“And I feel that only a very few of us in the mouse family truly appreciate the fact that you humans were created in the image of God,” observed Claude.
The class was divided into two one-hour segments. Between the two sessions, Carla, the pastor’s wife provided snacks for the congregation to enjoy. She also chopped a huge block of cheese into tiny bite-size morsels for the mice.
Carla prepared a unique multi-cheese macaroni salad for the church’s members. The mice were surprised to learn that the humans love of cheese was nearly equal to their own.
“We do like the taste of cheese very much,” Pastor Chad told Claude. “But it’s more than just the taste. It also gives us the energy for an afternoon of hard work.”
“You might try having cheese for breakfast sometime,” laughed Claude. “I have found that cheese is also pretty good for giving me energy for a morning of hard work!”
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