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Reactions to Life Experiences Show Our Level of Joy

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Millard, Montgomery and Maurice became good friends during their elementary school  years.

The three friends had several mutual interests, including sports. They all played baseball, basketball and tennis.

In high school, the boys started a stamp collecting club, and they traded stamps from all over the world.

Maurice, Montgomery and Millard all loved the Lord. Before they became teenagers, they accepted Christ into their hearts and were baptized. They enjoyed telling other people about Jesus and His love.

After graduating from high school, the young men pursued college degrees. They played on the college’s  baseball team and excelled in academics.

Montgomery was a happiness-oriented person. If things were going well for him, he was happy and had no difficulty expressing that happiness.  When he made good grades, he celebrated. When his grades were poor, he sulked and was not the least bit happy.

Maurice was always filled with joy. Even when life’s circumstances were less than ideal, he always seemed to be content. He always talked about how blessed he was, and never talked about the negative experiences of his life.

Shortly after Maurice, Montgomery and Millard graduated from college, Maurice was involved in a traffic accident. Although his injuries were severe, he remained upbeat about life.

“I am thankful that God spared my life so that I continue to live my life for Him,” said Maurice.

A few months l.ater, Montgomery was injured in a traffic accident. Montgomery’s injuries were not as severe as those Maurice had sustained, but Montgomery’s response was totally different. Montgomery only suffered a small cut on his face, but he complained about the injury almost every waking moment.

One day he moaned, “That cut sure is itching today!”

The next day he grumbled, “I’m going to have to take a bunch of pain killers just to make it through today!”

Millard was much more reserved than his two friends, keeping his thoughts to himself most of the time. He described himself neither as happy or unhappy, joyful or not joyful. However, he was aware of how Maurice and Montgomery reacted to life’s issues, and he always observed those reactions.

Just two days after Montgomery’s traffic accident, Millard asked him, “How is your injury today, Friend?”

“My injury is doing great!,” Montgomery replied. “It’s been itching very strongly all day. You could say I’m doing very well under the circumstances!”

Millard thought for a moment before he said, “When Christ died, he gave us the power not to be under the circumstances. God’s Word tells us we are ‘more than conquerors,’ so we should live above the circumstances.”

“Ouch!, That hurt!,” exclaimed Montgomery. “You just quit preaching and went to meddling!”

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