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The Bi ble: A Book of Truth

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A variety of characters lived in the Land of True Bible Stories.

Heroes and villains! Kings and Queens! Prophets and prophetesses! Godly saints and evil sinners! Rich and poor! Free and bond!

The stories depicted falls from grace and redemption from sin! Deception! Murder! Faith! Faithfulness! Truth! Mercy! Love! Heaven! Hell! Humor! History! Prophecy! Dreams!

The Land of True Bible Stories was a place where all tales inside its sacred pages were 100 percent accurate!

The early days of the Garden of Eden were filled with the pungent freshness of ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables planted by the Creator!

Following the Genesis flood, the revitalized earth basked in the sun’s warmth and, following a time of rain, the rainbow, a sign of God’s new covenant with man, appeared.

The Land of True Bible Stories was a destination which provided inspiration and encouragement. The pages of the Book were filled with tales of success, failure, victory and defeat.

The reality of The Land of True Bible Stories did not end with the final pages of the book. The truth and reality continued to be shown in the lives of those who read, believed in and followed the principles of the book’s pages. People from all walks of life followed in the footsteps of Jesus the Nazarene, who came to the world to die for the sins of all mankind.

Those who read and accepted the book’s words of enlightenment received its power and prestige and were filled with a sense of destiny and purpose.

One seven-year-old boy named Jessee read the stories of the virgin birth, life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. Jessee became a follower of Jesus and dedicated his life to God’s son. Jessee told all his friends about Jesus, and many of them also became followers of Jesus. Each of those who accepted Christ told their friends about how Jesus had changed their lives, and many of those friends began serving Jesus.

Before long, many children in the community were sharing their faith in Jesus with their parents. Many entire families began serving the Lord as a result of this evangelism.

Within a few months, the church started a building program and built a larger sanctuary.

The church’s minister, Pastor John, thanked the young people for sharing their testimonies with all their friends that resulted in the church’s growth.

The pastor chuckled, “Some folks say the children and youth are the Church of tomorrow.  But I believe they are the Church of today. If Jessee had waited 20 years to start sharing his testimony with his friends, we might not have this larger facility in which to worship God today!”

“That’s right!,” shouted Deacon James. “And we’d still be sittin’ on those hard pews instead of these nice new pews that are padded with carpet!”

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