Joseph Trance

Walking My Bathroom Tiles

  I walk the straight lines that separate my bathroom tiles in the early morning hours between 3 and 6 am.    When I do this I see images of the Singularity that has become more and more important to me in a world that features movies like "World War Z",  "White House Down" and Olympus Falls.  It is this same world that features "Fearnet " on Cable TV, that  play movies with titles such as "SAW, Night of the Living Dead,"  vampire-themed movies, and End of the World Disaster films.

  I am called from sleep by unseen voices that cry out against the insanity of Darkness and I am prompted to walk the staright lines that separate my tiles neither going to the left or right.  As I walk , the Light that has receeded in me grows, and I create an atmosphere of clarity in a world of crazy.  And in that light faces of people that live in its realm are brought o my rememberance.  The teachers and preachers, the musicians and worshipers, the intercessors and aides that move the world day by day in Light's Stream.

If there was ever a time when humanity needs a straight walk path it is now.  It's getting crazier "out there."  Information technology has given us the ability to download input in an instant.  And while there is purity and the sharing of the good and clean things on  social media , there is also darkness.    As the desires of our Flesh can so easily be met and so quickly, our souls suffer the consequences.  

There is a growing call for a cleansing of our personal atmospheres.  And in that cleansing we can reconnect with our God-given destinies and separate the darkness from light.  It is also in this light that we can reach a state of humility and humbleness that is necessary for self examination.  It is in this state that all rationalizations for why we do the stupid things we do, fall away, and a clarity of who we really are emerges.   Not everything we do can be justified, sometimes what we do is just "WRONG,"  and there aer no "if's"  "and's"  or " buts,"  about it.

   I have rationalized my actions for too long with words like, "But I felt..",  "I'm only human.."  "I deserve..."  "You don't understand..."   "I was owed.."   "You don't know what's happened to me...", etc. and while those reasons make my actions undertsandable...they don't make them right...not while I'm walking straight lines.

There are some that say, "you're being too hard on yourself..",  "why beat yourself up?'..  "You're only human..."   "You shouldn't dwel on the bad stuff...", and while all that sounds "good" and makes "sense,"  even those things sound hollow in the Light.

   For those who can understand what I'm saying and agree, I wite this as a call to walking the straight lines in your life.  Walk the Singularity that is inside yourself and breathe the clean air once again.



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