Richard Folbert

Blood Brothers

Joshua’s excitement and expectation was larger than life. Unknowingly separated at birth from a twin brother by the adoption process, then discovering a brother existed, emotionally charged him. His profound giddiness overshadowed all other life experience.
The estranged sibling's first phone conversation together indicated that Joshua's brother, John, was down on his luck. He lived with great hardships including an extensive history of emotional instability, bankruptcy, two failed marriages and financially crippling child support payments. Also, John had endured childhood abuse and was now dealing with drug usage and gambling issues. Additionally, he had recieved a D.W.I. conviction ending his employment as a package courier. Now, he lived in a small trailer park dependent upon public welfare and government disability benefits.
It was all inconsequential. Joshua had earned great successes in life acquiring vast wealth and was determined to faithfully assist his lost brother back to his feet.
Ecstatically, Joshua drove into John's hometown. Blinded by brotherly love, he imagined their first face to face embrace would be a life altering event for both of them. He envisioned John’s kindly acceptance of the brotherly act of support he would be offered, gratefully appreciating the helping hand to reclaim his life.
But, John had his own ideas concerning his brother.
Joshua navigated his new Mercedes through the dirt roads of the trailer park and pulled into John's roofless carport.
Signs of destitution were evident everywhere. John's home was in need of much repair and the grass in his tiny lot reached halfway up to Joshua's knees. Clearly, he hadn't envisioned the depth or gravity of his brother's destitution.
A curtain parted in a broken window and the face of a bald headed man appeared briefly then withdrew back into the darkness of the trailer.
Apprehensively, Joshua approached the dilapidated domicile and knocked on the dented aluminum door.
The bald headed man opened it with a jerk as it stuck in the doorjamb.
“I'm John. Come inside.” said the hefty hairless man half hiding himself behind the open door.
When Joshua entered, John quickly slammed the squeaky door shut and brandished a revolver he'd concealed behind himself.
Holding the gun to Joshua's temple he said, “I could care less that you’re my brother. Judging by our phone conversation, you have lots of money. I'm indebted to many people who will hurt me if I don't repay quickly. If you value life, you'll do as you’re told.”
John then struck his brother’s head with the gun drawing blood; causing the room to spin.
He spoke again, “Now listen carefully. Give me your wallet and car keys then tell me the pin numbers for your bank and credit cards.”
Silently, Joshua withdrew his wallet and keys as instructed by his brother. Then, he deliberately fumbled them just shy of John’s outstretched hand momentarily diverting attention. The slight distraction proved enough opportunity for Joshua to swiftly disarm and subdue his brother in hand to hand combat utilizing armed forces service training.
A short time later, John had been taken into custody and was being transported to the County Jail.
Joshua sat alone in the emptiness of the trailer reflecting upon his own fortuitous destiny and the omnipresent tragedy of his brother's fate. A mind consuming emotional wave of immense and sudden sorrow totally engulfed his thoughts as he began shedding truly painful tears over the misfortune befallen his one blood brother.
Then he thought, ‘There go I, but for the grace of God.’


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