Mikayla Powell

Somethings Can't be Forced&Somethings Just Can't be Accepted

The past has given us grief, hope, love, happiness and a countless other emotions one develops through experiences, but in the end everyone looks out for advice on how to cope with these emotions. This is all based on my opinion, and this opinion is from a teenager girl. These are my pondering thoughts that have been disturbing my sleep, and have been leaving me restless through the days. I sound like I'm full of myself, and that I am trying to sound smart because this is a public site, but I don't care what you think. 
Life throws things at us that make us question everything, and make us lose ourselves. Love, depression and anger seem to drive our decisions. You cannot force yourself to fall in and out of love. No matter how hard someone tries those feelings will always be there, and going on dates, meeting new people, changing where you shop and trying to change your outlook on life is never going to change your feelings. A person can have more than one soul mate, but the moment that old someone special pops up out of nowhere some sort of emotions flood back. The worlds feelings towards things like cancer patients, crimes, words and personal belifs are stupid. Anger arises from people who care more about someone else than themselves is probably because they need something to make themselves somehow feel important. In my opinion people should be able to do pretty much whatever they want, of course with restrictions. If two people of the same sex want to get married, then let them. Despite your beliefs everyone deserves to have their special someone. If someone wants to transform into a different gender they should be allowed to do that and go about their lives without the hate. If someone gets offended because they were called mentally retarded, maybe people should learn the meaning of the word retard: to hold back, or delay. I'm sure having downsyndrome holds back and delays. Get over it. If someone is getting bullied through name calling, maybe that bullied person should look at themselves and look at what's being made fun of and change it, or grow a pair and do something about it. Being called fat and ugly shouldn't lead someone into killing themselves; if it does that's their own fault. Personally I have been bullied, and have learned to not care about what others say. You change yourself to make it through life easier. People get over worked up about things. What happend to not caring and being mentally and emotionally strong? Peoples beliefs are taken to literal. 
The world, in my opinion, is all a he said, she said. If people stopped caring about other people, and what those people are doing. Maybe things would be easier in life, and things would be  less sad. 

I wish I could force myself to fall in and out of love, but that's not going to happen. I wish I didn't have such a biased opinion, but it is what it is. I wish I weren't so depressed about petty things, like not having friends. I wish people, espcially myself, would get over themselves and realize this is one life, and they shouldn't be so quick to judge. 

Like I said, my thoughts and opinions from a teenager girl. :/


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