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High School Freshman Discusses Plans for Future With His Dad

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Edgar, a high school freshman, enjoyed talking to Emory, his dad, about the future.

“Have you been asking God for His direction for your life?,” asked Emory.

“I started doing that a couple of years ago,” said Edgar. “And it’s really amazing. The Lord has been revealing some of His plans to me.”

“So what has the Lord shown you?,” asked Emory.

Edgar replied, “First of all, He wants me to study really hard in high school. He says my job is to learn all I can learn so I can glorify Him. And so I can be better prepared for His call on my life.”

Edgar continued, “I can also tell you God is very pleased with the way you and mom are raising me. He wants me to be the same kind of dad to my kids that you have been to me. He also said I should never allow His call on my life to become so ingrained in my thinking that I abdicate my responsibilities as a dad.”

“Sounds like you’re a sponge,” said Emory. “Just soaking up all God is pouring into you.”

Edgar told Emory the Lord didn’t want him to spend all his high school years hitting the books. “He also wants me to hit some other things,” said Edgar.

“What other things?,” asked Emory.

“He wants me to play on the school’s baseball and basketball teams,” said Edgar.

Edgar told his dad the Lord wanted him to fulfill the role of backup third baseman on the baseball team.

“But you’re good enough to be the starting third baseman,” Emory jokingly complained.

“All I know is the Lord wants me to back up the starter,” grinned Edgar. “And I’m happy doing what the Lord wants me to do.”

“That’s fine, Son, and I’m proud of you for doing that,” said Emory. “What’s going to be your job with the basketball team?”

“I don’t know what position I will play, but God told me I will be the team’s top rebounded,” said Edgar.

“But you’re not tall enough to consistently be a good rebounder,” said Edgar.

“I didn’t think so either, Dad,” said Edgar. “But God didn’t seem to be too impressed with my objection, so He must plan on helping me with my jumping skills.”

“Did God tell you about the grades you would be bringing home on your report card?,” asked Emory.

“He only gave me a hint,” said Edgar. “He said if I pay attention in class and study really hard I will make good grades.”

“God didn’t tell you everything, did He?,” asked Emory.

“No, and I wouldn’t want Him to,” said Edgar. “Some of the kids in school think they know it all, but God is the only one who really does!”

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