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Couple Serves as Church Custodians

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Week after week, Richard the church custodian faithfully cleaned the church.

“It’s the ministry to which the Lord called me, and I will do it to the best of my ability,” Richard told Pastor Randolf.

“The congregation and I really appreciate your efforts,” said Pastor Randolf. “You do a wonderful job.”

Richard’s wife, Ruthie, worked alongside him between the services to keep the church extremely clean. “I’m called to be a suitable helper to my husband,” Ruthie smiled as she was being interviewed by a newspaper reporter about her volunteer work.

Randy, the reporter, decided to include a story about Ruthie in his series about local volunteers after being contacted by Pastor Randolf suggesting Ruthie be interviewed.

After he interviewed Ruthie, Randy called Richard to ask him about the value of Ruthie’s role in keeping the church clean.

“Ruthie is a very hard worker,” said Richard. “And she’s a wonderful wife and mother.”

“How many children do you have?,” asked Randy.

“We have two boys and two girls,” said Richard. “And all of them help clean the church.”

“That’s great,” said Randy. “You and Ruthie must be very proud of them.”

“We certainly are,” said Richard. “They all love the Lord, and they realize the importance of keeping God’s house clean.”

Richard continued, “We offered to pay them to help us, but they said to just put the money in the offering plate instead.”

Richard and Ruthie operated their own janitorial service. “God really has blessed us with the ability to get things clean,” Richard said.

“I think it’s because we enjoy it so much,” Ruthie said.

“It is so much fun to clean homes and businesses and the house of God,” Richard agreed.

“I don’t understand why most people don’t care much for the cleaning process,” Ruthie said. “Especially since allowing the Lord to continually cleanse us is such a big part of the Christian life.”

Even as children, Richard and Ruthie enjoyed cleaning their bedrooms, as well as the rest of their families’ homes. “My dad let me help him start taking out the garbage when I was just two,” Richard bragged. “And when I was just one, I helped him cut the grass.”

“Weren’t you a little young for that?,” asked Ruthie.

“Not at all,” Richard chuckled. “Dad pushed the lawn mower, and I rode on his shoulders! And let me tell you, it was a really sweet ride.”

“Why do you say that?,” asked Ruthie.

“Because when he put me on his shoulders, he always gave me my favorite candy bar!,” grinned Richard.

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