Rufus Murry Jr

From Behind The Wall 26 and California


6/1/2013                                                                                                                                                                                           Written By " Loneride"
Times New Roman                                                                                                                                                                          Sorrow

                                         While growing up in the city,we learn many things, Our origin is mainly Nigerian, Etheopian.  So
                                    as I have realized,that what I have been tort, what the city has burden me with is this, we are that product
                                    of their sociaty, we have been tortured and have submitted to their level, or there norm of life,which they 
                                     have forced us into.
                                         We are being in away hearded into a certain area.  Through the generations of suppresion and depre-
                                    ssion, we have been in away programmed by certain one,s for certain reason,s.  It seemed we are classified
                                   then segragated for different reason,s,in the city.  It seem,s strange although growing up in the city,some-
                                   time,s, wee obtain an awareness, about how this city operates, it,s in the Atmosphere
                                         From behind the wall stories are told, who really wants to listen.  Lawyers need work, police need work
                                  and some how, that,s the catagory we fall into weather from earlier root,s ,it seems we chain reacted, as I s-
                                  aid earlier, we are separated from the main body, and then abused to conform, to there norm.
                                         So as is said, we are that product of sociaty,that has been abused to conform to their norm, physical and
                                  mental, abuse, we have suffered with no savior, no relief.  Now we are burden with pass transgretions, of guilt,
                                  weather concern one,s new the truth or not, the system scares them in another direction.
                                          We are that product of sociaty, that they have suppressed to become criminal,s.  Cut , Carved ,Tempared,
                                  and Forged...
                                  Thorazine sudated 900 Miligrams and more.

                                   From Behind The Wall, 26th And California
                                   LONERIDER // R.M.J. 



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