Klaus Albers

The other side of the Rainbow Meadow

A small rabbit came to Rainbow Meadow. It was happy, because it knew exactly where it was: it was here young and healthy again, it was warm, everywhere there were food and water in abundance. But was the best, which would eventually come to his beloved mistress to the meadow to go with him over the rainbow bridge. The time until then would surely pass by quickly - as nice as it was here. So he jumped on the lawn and rejoiced in the other animals, all of which were just as happy as the little rabbit.

But then, the more animals were on the other side of the rainbow meadow noticed. Also, they were young and healthy ...... But something was different. They had not as cheerful as the others, but rather melancholically.

The small rabbit noticed that it was observed. A large, white dog looked at it thoughtfully.

"Do you know why the animals look so sad on the other side?" asked the curious rabbit the dog.

 "But of course - these are the animals that have no friend who eventually picks here, they have died without ever learning to know the love of a man. On the contrary. Almost all have a very bad experience with the bipeds made"

"But that's not fair! So something here but it may not be. Then may they never on the other side of the rainbow?" replied the applied rabbits.

"Look out there ....... and watch what happens next"

An old white-bearded man came slowly up the path that leads to the rainbow meadow. Among the animals on the  rainbow
meadow came to unrest. Many recognized the man and rushed up to him - dogs, cats, guinea pigs and even a little green parakeet.

"Oh, however, these are many," shouted the rabbit.

"Yes," replied the dog. "He has in his lifetime had many friends and loved. Against all in recent years he has taken care of old, sick animals and no one wants to have. Though he knew very well that he can not save them all."

"This is really nice ...... but what does that have to do with the sad animals on the other side of the meadow"

"Do not be so impatient, little rabbit-man," laughed the dog. "Wait and see how it goes ......"

The old man welcomed and hugged all of his friends, whom he had not seen for so long. But then something unexpected happened. He went not with them to the rainbow bridge, but to the sad animals on the other side of the rainbow meadow. These looked up at him - and looked into a laughing and happy face.

"You see my little rabbit -. Now they also get to know the love of a person. Whenever a man like this one
comes at the foot of the rainbow to fetch his friends, then he may also all the animals that have never loved take over"

Stirred the little rabbit looked to the past animals who put their paws on the bridge and slowly disappeared into the distance.

The other side of the rainbow meadow was empty.
The old man had not a single one of the unloved animals left there back.



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