Greg Miller

Animals in a Forest Deal with Problems with Human Community

Forest Residents Tackle Problem
With Nearby Human Community

By Greg Miller © 2013

A special supermarket was located in the center of the forest.

The supermarket served  the multitudes of critters which lived in the length and breadth of the vast forest.

Several species of squirrels called the forest home. The supermarket made a point to stock a large quantity of acorns, the squirrels’ favorite nut.

The leader of the forest squirrels was named Magnificent. A very friendly rodent, Magnificent had a very outgoing personality.

Magnificent was the squirrels’ representative on the Forest-Wide Animal Council. She had served two three-year terms and was in the middle of her third term.

Lorraine represented the lions on the council. Lorraine was not only the lion’s representative on the governing body, she was also Queen of the Forest.

Lorraine and Magnificent were best friends. Lorraine protected Magnificent from all the forest’s predators which had a particular taste for squirrel. In return, Magnificent kept her ears open for any news which Lorraine could use in her capacity on the Forest-Wide Animal Council.

Once every year, all forest residents went to their local Voting Tree to cast their ballots for Favorite Forest Resident. The winner received a large basket of goodies provided by the forest’s various animal communities.

The squirrel community chipped in a few hundred broken nut shells. The lion community donated a large paw-and-dirt portrait of Lorraine.

The deer community wanted to give something which could not be measured in terms of material worth. Peaceful, the forest’s most tranquil deer, told Lorraine she was going to pray a special prayer for all the forest’s residents.

“Thank you very much,” said Lorraine. “Of course, your gift can’t be included with the goody basket, because there is no premium on prayer.

“When you pray,” Lorraine continued, I want you to specifically include me in your prayer.”

“What’s going on with you?,” asked Peaceful.

“I want you to pray that the Sovereign Lord will help those of us who live in the forest to have a better relationship with our nearby human community,” Lorraine said. “For me, this is a matter of grave concern.

“It seems the human community has a hunting season for almost all of our forest communities. We lose a few animals every month to their hunters.”

“I know,” said Peaceful. “Just a couple of months ago, Graceful, one of my great friends, was taken from us during the deer hunting season.”

“I’m concerned that those of us in the lion community could be in danger from this menace,” said Lorraine. “As far as I know, the human community doesn’t have a taste for lion steak, but I just want you to pray that the thought doesn’t become a possibility or a reality!”

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