Karen Halloway


    I am a single stone among many others.  I am one of …many, hundreds maybe.  Here I lie in a steep valley with many others, yet I am alone.
 No other stone hears me or speaks to me, so I am a stone alone. So I sit and wait.  Not moving, just thinking about why I was made.  Was I made just to sit here?  Was I made just to think about being alone?  What is my purpose?  I sit among the rest but I am the only one who thinks and contemplates my fate.  Why can’t other stones talk to me, think like me?  What is my purpose?  Days turn into nights and back into days, the sun rises and sets.  Stars twinkle in the night and speak to me of Glory.  I was made for more than sitting here.  I was made for something else.  There is something inside of me that tells me this, but I don’t know what it is, but I just feel it…I know it. 

   Then one day there is a rumbling, a shaking of the earth.  Many men enter my valley called Elah.  There are armies; two of them.  On one side of the Valley are many men on horses and one man who stands very tall among them.  On the other side of Elah is another army and one who stands smaller than the rest of all the soldiers.  There is an exchange of words between the tallest of the one army and the smallest of the other.  Then laughing…loud thunderous laughing from the men on horses.

  Then suddenly the smallest of the one army scoops me up in his small hand and I am bound without warning.  Then the swirling begins; round and round I go.  I am in a dizzy circle of movement moving faster and faster, bound in a sling.   Then suddenly…RELEASE!!  I…FLY!!!
I am Flying!!  Through the air above all the other stones, above the heads of the army of men on horses, I fly and I feel the Glory that I was meant to be.  Freedom….FREEDOM!!!
    Then I see where I am going… straight to the head of the tallest one of the horse army. 

     “AHHHHHHH!!!!”   Splat!!  I enter his thick forehead and then together we fall…me and him…joined. And as we fall together I feel the completion of my destiny.  I feel the life drain out of him and there is a great silence that settles over the army of horse men. 
But on the other side there is a tremendous bursting out of yelling and clapping and whooping.  Then the smallest of that army comes and there is a severing that takes place.  And suddenly I am again ..moving …moving.  But this time I am secured in head flesh of the dead one.
And I don’t know where I am going…but I do know it will be glorious…as is the calling out of the name as I move again.  It is a chant…a praise that the army of the smallest one is lifting up:  “David….David…David!!!”


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