Mary Diana

The little box

One day,a postman arrived at Abbots' house with a very little package packed with a very beautiful paper carefully detailed.Actually,why are we surprised?Abbot family was one of the richest family in the country and it was very strange they received such a small package.Anyway,the postman knocked at the door.A beautiful lady answered and took the package.When she opened it,she saw a little box made of wood.But she couldn' t open it.It was blocked.And it wasn' t even a note in the package for Mrs.Abbot to know from whom the ''gift'' was.She called all the carpenters she knew but no one could open it.Though she kept it hoping that one day,someone would fix it.
After two months,when the family had no hope that the box would be able to open,someone rang the doorbell.It was a man who was collecting the things that people didn' t need anymore for sending them to the poor people from each house.The Abbots gave him lots of things and the wooden box among them.They didn' t want to wait for the box to open anylonger.After a few days,they got another letter from grandma Gloria in which she was asking them how they felt during the voyage over the ocean and that she was sorry she had forgoten to sign the package with the tickets for a twelve days five star sea cruise.


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